The Elementals

Elementals ➤


We offer turnkey security solutions to Americas growing defense needs.  At Elementals Inc. we are firmly rooted in the belief of Americans helping Americans.  Elemental Inc. execs are about winning lucrative government contracts while being dedicated to providing substantial resources to monitoring trends in the world of law enforcement and military action. We have hired many well connected ex spies, former military officials and brass to fill the seemingly endless holes in America’s national security.  We are not in the mercenary business…we are in the peace and stability business (industry).  We respond to natural disasters and terrorist events in a way that stabilizes the error and quashes the threat.

Elemental Inc. has it’s own lobbying firm to help secure government security contracts.

Elemental Inc. was founded because of our moralistic outrage over human suffering.

We are a private military or security company.

Mercs = Soldiers, private or civilian contractors.

We are in the business of peace because peace matters.

International Peace Operations Association – IPOA – The Mercenary Trade Organization

Elemental Inc. has global reach and can make a positive difference in the lives of those affected by terrorism.

The Elementals

Water: rain, tidal waves, bubbles, boiling

Mist: Can turn into hot steam, fog or mist

Wind: Flight, tornadoes, speed

Fire: Pyrokinetic

Earth: Goekinetic

Earth: Vegekinetic

Steel: Ore, body composed of steel

Ash: Disintegrating touch


Tundra: Wooly mammoth, fire retardant fur, cold resistant skin, a tracker, has claws.


Water – Masculine: Generate it, make it rain, tsunami, tidal wave, boiling water, hot steam

Water Feminine: Ice, sleet, hail, snow


Fire – Masculine: Embre, pyrokinetic

Fire – Feminine: Ash, smoke, disintegrating touch, thirst


Earth – Masculine: Ore, steel, strength

Earth – Feminine: Terrakinetic, vegetation manipulation


Wind – Masculine: Thunder, sonic booms, hurricanes

Wind – Feminine: Sky, flight, lightning


Tundra: Guardian of the rings

Powers & Abilities: ➤
Powers & Abilities ➤
Powers & Abilities ➤
Splash the Rainmaker
Powers & Abilities ➤
Skye the Windjammer
Powers & Abilities ➤
Powers & Abilities ➤


Powers & Abilities: Wears a fitted combat suit with a techno-moisture manipulator built into its back.  With it Tundra is able to freeze surrounding water molecules and form ice, snow and lower the surrounding temperature.  Tundra is also able to generate a thick, jagged skin of ice around his body.

Powers & Abilities ➤


Powers& Abilities: Electron wears a combat suit that allows him to generate and manipulate electrical impulses to such a degree that he can also transform into a current of electricity and travel through various electrical conductors up to and including the human body.


Powers & Abilities ➤


Powers& Abilities: Through a belt worn around his waist Ore is able to transform his flesh iron ore.  The iron-ore flesh is malleable and flexible yet still retains the density of raw iron against penetration and attack.

Powers & Abilities ➤


Powers & Abilities: Wears a combat suit with the technology to solidify water molecules in the atmosphere causing hailstorms.  A microchip implanted in his head allows Hail to mentally dictate the direction of the falling debris.