Witch Culture

Witches are required to take Vows of Poverty and are forbidden to use their power for profit or monetary gain.  They can however use their power as a benevolent service to barter or trade as long as it is an equitable exchange agreed upon by both parties. 

Witches can pursue romantic relationships but cannot marry.  Marriage and male energy are ultimately viewed as distractions to a witch’s continued development and growth in the art of witchcraft.  If a witch does decide to get married she must leave New Salem and vow never to practice witchcraft again unless it is in the benevolent service or aid of another witch, or in self-defense.  Usually, this marital exile is not a great detriment to a witch’s life, for witches on the average live up to 400 years of age easily outliving their husbands by an average of 320 years.  Most married witches eventually return to New Salem and take up their craft after their husbands have passed.

Family and Child Birth
When pregnant, almost all witches give birth to girls.  It is a predisposition in a witch’s physiology and it’s unknown whether it’s genetic or magically inclined.  The few witches who give birth to boys are made to raise them outside of New Salem so that their sons can be better exposed to “normal” life.  Witches who have sons are encouraged to wed their child’s father.  More often than not, witches sons grow up to become a witch doctors while the daughters of witches are almost always inducted into Brendl’s Academy for Witches and Mystics, before the age of three. Most witches who give birth to girls raise them as single mothers inside New Salem so that they may be formally trained and fully indoctrinated into the magic arts.


Politics & Abortion
The Witches Order normally shies away from politics or any activity that may shine too bright a light inside the district of New Salem. However, The Order morally and politically opposes the Political Sect of W.I.D.O.W., and her stance on abortion.  Witches deem all children as miracle entities full of magic and promise; and any woman or witch who has an unwanted pregnancy is free to enter the Witches District and have her embryo or fetus converted into pure living energy; as this astounding process occurs a surrogate witch absorbs this living energy into her own womb, and as the living energy physically rematerializes the surrogate witch carries the child to term and raises it as her own.

WIDOW staunchly believes in a woman’s right to choose and feels that while the witches’ energy transference-surrogate mother process may be noble it is not a practical solution, for few women have the luxury or means of finding a witch to perform that ceremony. WIDOW further argues that in the daily lives of most women, particularly women living in countries where the rule of law has fallen and rape, sexual exploitation and enslavement are real, daily  possibilities, these women must have access to safe abortions as needed. WIDOW believes that a woman’s body is sovereign and no nation, government or person has political or moral jurisdiction to make decisions on her behalf. 

Trouble over this issue occurred over a decade ago when The Witches Order cast a thundercloud spell over an abortion clinic protected by the Military Sect of WIDOW. Rain and lightning showered down on the clinic nonstop, day and night. The building was flooded, lightning vandalized it and potential patients were scared away. In response WIDOW bombed an empty witches’ temple inside New Salem. A near war nearly broke out between The Order and WIDOW, but peace was brokered between WIDOW’s leader Matriarch 1 and the body of Ethereals whom The Witches Council defers to in times of great duress. The two sides agreed to sponsor delegates and emissaries to debate the issue of abortion in the political arena, before the people at large, and allow jurisprudence to take its course.

Mutual Enemy
With the issue of abortion being the only true rift between these two powerful societies of women, they are allies in their mutual loathing for the criminal empire run by Jezebel Queen of Whores. When the day comes, both groups have agreed to put any differences aside and join as one to destroy Jezebel’s network of modern day slavery.


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