Witches Council

The Witches Council is the convening body of 10 witches and sorceresses who decide on pertinent issues, hand down verdicts, doctrine, discipline, new spells, etc. in service to The Witches Order. The Witches Council is also responsible for the initiation of new witches into the Order once Practitioners have completed formal studies and are vouched for by the full-fledged Witch they served apprenticeship under.

The Witches Council is also responsible for apprehending and neutralizing rogue witches or ones turned evil. Rogue and evil witches are ones who leave the Order and disavow all rules, regulations and moral obligations required to remain a Witch in good standing with the Order and human society in general. These Witches usually practice malevolent magic above all else for material gain or power and influence in society at large. The Witches Council will meet on the fate of these rogue Witches, determine if they need to be challenged, and map out a strategy to do so if necessary.


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