New Salem

New Salem – the Witches District is populated by Witches, Mystics and about two dozen male Witchdoctors.  New Salem, unlike the other districts of New Frontier has its own form of government by way of The Witches Council who receive guidance and authority from the Ethereals. 

The Witches Council ensures that all rules and etiquette governing witch behavior and practice are followed and respected.  The Witches Council however, does give leeway to some expressions of nonconformity because by and large The Council rarely has to intervene in the lives of New Salem residents; that’s largely because most witches in the caste are disciplined and focused on their magic and craft.

There are witches who are deemed wildcards with the potential to go rogue amd disavow The Order altogether by going off into the world to utilize their magical prowess as they see fit. This forces the Witches Council to keep close tabs on their behavior in hopes of preempting their sister’s splintering off. Dozens of Witches have chosen this path, their taste for malevolent magic and the energy it yields prompts them to leave The Order and New Salem to sell their magic to the highest bidder.

New Salem has no electricity of any kind and it gets pitch black shortly after 7pm. Torchlight from lampposts that line the sidewalks are sometimes lit, however, Witches, Mystics and Witchdoctors can see in the dark so the torch lights shine sparingly. Many New Salem residents start fires in their homes for warmth or cooking and it is usually the only light seen in the district after nightfall. 

Automobiles don’t work in New Salem either. If one were to drive his or her car past the district line his car would shut off. Watches don’t work in New Salem, not even windups.  Witches can tell time by the position of the sun, moon and stars.  Cell phones, pagers and all battery-powered mechanisms cease to work in New Salem as well.  New Salem is an electrical dead zone; even police helicopters can’t fly too low over the district for risk of shutting off and crashing.  Most believe this is a spell the Witches themselves cast across New Salem to dissuade non-witches and mystics from visiting and living in it.  If that is the case it has proved successful. The Witches in New Salem have lived in relative peace and quiet for decades.


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