Mystics are witchcraft Practitioners who specialize in precognition, clairvoyance, fortune telling or palmistry.  Most Mystics either own or work in the magic shops or palm reading and fortune telling establishments on Market Street, in New Salem. 

Mystics also develop ceremonies to aid the execution of magic such as rain dancing, séances and unanimity of consciousness.  Mystics are former Practitioners who either chose to no longer pursue the strict life of discipline and poverty of a witch, were denied certification and blessing to become a full fledged witch, or decided to pursue material gain and other pleasures outside of the witches’ acetic lifestyle such as marriage and raising families. 

And unlike Witches, Mystics aren’t required to take the Vow of Poverty.  Instead, most Mystics are business savvy and hone their skills in the science of wealth building. Mystics also maintain strong and friendly ties to New Salem and often assist the Witches’ Council in developing ceremonies to aid in the advancement of witchcraft.


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