Ethereals are the wisest and most powerful witches in the Witches’ Order and were always former sorceresses.  An Ethereal devotes her entire life to contemplation, meditation, study, and the writing and developing of new spells.  This life of discipline allows her to become increasingly more powerful in her life’s energy, skill and application of witchcraft.  Ethereals not only take the Vow of Poverty, but also the Vow of Chastity and Detachment.  Some Ethereals at one time or another have served tenures on the Witches’ Council, but it is not a requirement for induction into their ranks; this is due to the fact that most Sorceresses become Ethereals through constant practice and study, such discipline requires many years of solitude.  And due to such required discipline there are very few Ethereals, at last count there were only 8. 

Ethereals don’t participate in the day-to-day governing of the Witches Council but they do offer advice when asked and their advice is always taken seriously and usually followed.  Ethereals spend most of their time furthering their knowledge of magical and mystical arts.  Most new spells are developed and written by them then disseminated to the Witches’ Council to be passed down to the general population of witches. Ethereals study relentlessly and meet monthly to discuss the state of New Salem, New Frontier and forecast the future of the Witches’ Order.


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