The Matriarchal Sect

The Matriarchal Sect is the throne room where Matriarch 1 resides in near solitude. She is the final decision-maker on WIDOW’s most urgent matters. Matriarch 1 confers with her battle-strategist, Pariah the First Maiden, and takes audience with any member whose expresses a dire need.
Matriarch 1 resides in solitude because of a spell cast on her by a renegade Sorceress in the employ of the god, Lord Augustus Bane. This spell causes Matriarch 1 to feel an intense jolt of pain in her head or heart each time a crime is a committed against a woman anywhere in the world. This amounts to Matriarch 1 being attacked with a sharp, searing burst of pain approximately every 12 seconds. Her only escape from this misery is going into a deep meditative trance in which her psyche and spirit detach from her body and physical pain is no longer felt. This need to escape her constant pain is why Matriarch 1 rarely takes an audience or weighs in on day to day decision making. To do so she has to break her trance and suffer through the pain until she can return to her meditative state.
Much to Lord Bane’s dismay, this meditative trance has served to awaken Matriarch 1’s third eye and allows her a clairvoyance that not only gives WIDOW a tactical advantage against her enemies but also serves to help this secret society remain hidden her third eye’s ability to remotely view investigators, detectives and interlopers attempting to discover or infiltrate the organization.
Matriarch 1 is a sworn enemy of the other 7 gods, but the one god she loathes above all others and is attempting to destroy is, Jezebel Queen of Whores.


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