The Warriors’ Code

The Warriors’ Code is the rule of self-law and self-discipline that a warrior must pledge and adhere to for the honor and privilege of being accepted into the warriors ranks for training.  Any warrior in violation of this code is seen to be too dangerous to society to continue on as one.  A warrior in violation of this code may be subject to being confronted and killed by others of the warrior classes.  The Warriors’ Code is oftentimes difficult to enforce because the warriors who usually violate this code are Berserkers, Butchers and sometimes Destroyers.  Warriors turned mercenaries also are apt to violate this code but do so in classified missions where their infractions go unnoticed.  And warriors such as the aforementioned are often too strong or too violent to easily confront and kill.  But Warriors who practice fidelity to this code contribute positively to the New Frontier community and leave a proud legacy for those to come. The Warriors’ Code is as follows:

As a warrior I solemnly swear never to confront or fight anyone outside the warrior classes, except in matters of protecting others or in self-defense.  As a warrior, I solemnly swear to never engage in the wanton deaths of others except in matters of organized or agreed upon competition, battle or war.  I solemnly swear to pay no regard to a warrior’s race, ethnicity, creed or gender, only a warrior’s class, skill and rank.  I solemnly swear to never commit assassinations but to confront my enemies and opponents face to face and battle them intimately, by hand.  I swear never to draw my weapon unless outnumbered or my opponent agrees to draw his.  I swear to take and adhere lifelong to at least one of the 7 Vows in order to strengthen my spirit.  I swear to abide by this warriors’ code and to forfeit my life in violation of it or to sacrifice my life in its defense.


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