The Great Gunslinger Warrior Conflict

The mega-metropolis of New Frontier has a population of approximately 10 million residents; in that, there are about 1,000 warriors and 10,000 gunslingers.  Back in New Front’s Degenerate Era, the warrior, Mandrake the Brave, was found dead in a back alley in lower city New Front.  He died from multiple gunshot wounds.  No gunslinger was ever found responsible or claimed responsibility for the hit. 

Within the enraged warrior community bands of newly graduated Fighters from the Houses of Pain, Wrath and Red formed a roving rogue unit and invaded the homes of known gunslingers.  They killed dozens of gunslingers in a week’s time.  In retaliation a band of gunslingers joined together and began murdering warriors by the hundreds, on the street, in drive-by shootings, and organized hits.  Warriors, despite their skill and mastery in the fighting and martial arts, have little protection against bullets fired from a gun.  Only Knights or higher are skilled enough at deflecting bullets from handguns with their weapons, but few are skilled enough to deflect bullets from automatic rapid-fire assault guns.

This street war went on for almost a year until, Tony Atlas, Strongest Man in the World, went undefeated in the first ever New Frontier Fighting Championship Tournament.  This was the most watched television event in the history of New Front. And when he received his fighting championship belt and trophy he asked for peace to be established across New Frontier between warriors and gunslingers.  The power of Tony Atlas’s popularity was such that the fighting stopped between the two groups.

Warriors, who are outnumbered ten to one by gunslingers, suffered the greatest loss to their ranks.  At the Conflict’s end over 300 warriors had been murdered to 1,800 gunslingers. The warriors in effect lost over a third of their ranks while the gunslingers suffered less than two-tenths.  Since this Degenerate Era conflict, the warrior population has reconstituted to about 1,000 skilled and active fighters and about 1,500 students among the 5 Houses.  The gunslinger population however, has dwindled some to about 8000.  Much of it is attributed to the active enforcement of laws banning the owning and carrying of illegal firearms.  Being caught with an illegal firearm on your person, of any kind, is punishable by a mandatory prison sentence. 

Gunslingers still vastly outnumber warriors and the groups still generally despise one another.  But there has been no major violence, other than unrelated personal conflicts, between the two groups since the Degenerate Era.


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