High Priests

High Priests are former Destroyers who have completely abstained from their warrior ways, achieved inner peace and with it, spiritual control over anger, lust for battle, and violence. 

All High Priests are pacifists.  They have gained such complete spiritual control over their minds and bodies that they are able to levitate as well as transition in and out of material existence for brief periods of time.  The extra-sensory perception gained by being capable of this feat gives High Priests a physical and tactical edge in skill over Butchers and Destroyers.  However, High Priests are too spiritually advanced to physically battle or bring harm to another living creature: man, animal or insect even in self-defense. 

When a Destroyer is ready to become a High Priest he must ready himself mentally, physically and spiritually, abandon his weapons, disavow violence, then seek out a High Priest for guidance.


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