Destroyers are warriors who have mastered achievement in all disciplines of the fighting and martial arts, have ascended successfully through each of the warrior classes, and have mastered and broken free of the Berserker Rage Matrix.

Destroyers are former Lord-level Berserkers who have mastered control of thought, emotion and action.  And this control of emotion and action is what sets Destroyers apart from Butchers.  Destroyers lead lives of complete self-discipline.  They rarely act on base urges or material desires.  A Destroyer’s sole desire is to engage in hand-to-hand combat on the field of battle for a cause he believes in.  Destroyers are ascetic and spend much of their lives detaching from want.  This is in large part due to the process a warrior has to undergo in becoming a Destroyer.

To become a Destroyer one first has to achieve mastery in all of the warrior classes and ascend past the Berserker Rage Matrix.  Once this is achieved the newly freed warrior must then survive a death initiation ritual.  This involves the would-be Destroyer being buried alive, in a wicker casket, twelve feet beneath the ground.  The would-be Destroyer must remain buried for a period of 90 days.  During this 90-day period the would-be Destroyer’s ability to survive is dependent on his ability to exercise his will over his physical being.  The would-be Destroyer must take complete mental control over his physical self and enter it into the breathless state. 

In the breathless state the would-be Destroyer’s slows his breathing to a near stop, and the beating of his heart to one beat per minute, then one beat per hour, then one beat per day, and finally one beat per week. One this is achieved his soul lifts from his body and he is able to experience his higher self: a higher state of consciousness that allows him unfettered access to his aura and essence of will in tangible form.  A spiritual guide then trains the would-be Destroyer in how to properly and effectively access this energy in preparation for his return to physical form.

At the end of the 90-day trial the would-be Destroyer’s soul returns to his body and he must free himself from his casket and claw his way back to the surface.

Many warriors fail this final phase, most never enter into their breathless states and suffocate and die instead.  Others come up too early without reaching breathlessness, spiritual maturation or attainment; but those few who survive do so because they successfully meditate, slow and stop their breathing and lower the beating of their heart to one beat per week. Those who survive do so because they have mastered their wills and can now impose those wills on their very flesh and bone.  When they finally surface they attain the rank of Destroyer.  Destroyers are the most formidable warriors in existence.  Only Butchers are their equal in physical prowess and skill but none are their rival in power of will.


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