Butchers and Destroyers

Butchers and Destroyers are warriors who have mastered achievement in all disciplines of the fighting and martial arts and have ascended successfully through each of the warrior rankings.  Destroyers and Butchers are all former Berserkers who were able to regain control of their minds even when summoning rage.  This is the single most difficult skill to master in all of the fighting arts.  This is why Butchers and Destroyers are the highest level a non-pacifist warrior can attain.  It is also what makes them so strong and deadly.  The difficulty in achieving this level of discipline is why there are so few Butchers and Destroyers in existence.  As a result of mastering this discipline, Butchers and Destroyers have complete mental control over their physical prowess and most can heal themselves through meditation.  But only Destroyers can mentally control their heartbeat as well as mentally manipulate each of their body’s involuntary functions.  Another difference between Butchers and Destroyers is philosophy.  Butchers are hedonists and do not exercise self-restraint except where it immediately benefits them.  Destroyers exercise and practice self-restraint daily and rarely act on their baser emotions except in battle or in its preparation. 

Butchers and Destroyers have been around since the Earth’s very first civilization sprang up on the Nile Valley.  Destroyers were originally defenders of the weak; their intent was to destroy evil.  Butchers were originally enforcers of the strong; their intent was to impose their will on others, usually on behalf of pharaohs and kings. Now, most Destroyers have devolved into merely being destroyers of Butchers and most Butchers have devolved into merely being butchers of Destroyers.

The combined number of Butchers and Destroyers has dwindled to less than a dozen.  This is due in part to the extreme difficulty in ascending to Butcher and Destroyer status.  Another factor is that Butchers and Destroyers have virtually killed each other off over the centuries while the remaining ones were slaughtered by gangs of Berserkers looking to eliminate their caste superiors.


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