Butchers are warriors who have mastered all disciplines of the fighting and martial arts, have ascended successfully through each of the warrior classes, and have mastered and broken free of the Berserker Rage Matrix.

Butchers are former Lord-level Berserkers who have mastered control of thought.  This allows Butchers to call upon and possess the same strength of rage and durability as Berserkers while maintaining complete clarity of thought and self-awareness in the process.  As a result Butchers are methodical warriors and killers and their heightened sense of clarity and ability to be precise in battle gives them a keen tactical advantage over Berserkers in a fight.  But control of thought is as far as Butchers desire to achieve in the area of self mastery. 

It takes a huge effort of will to break free from the Berserker Rage Matrix.  The few warriors who manage to do so do it because they were able to generate their auras into tangible energy.  This is what gives Butchers imposers of will status.  Butchers access their aural energy by consciously tapping into the extreme hate, rage, greed, lust, envy, and possession they generate inside them.  They may also access their aural energy by feeding off the fear they instill in others.  And although this type of aural energy is limited Butchers are able to use it effectively to impose their wills on others, especially in hand to hand combat.  However, Butchers choose not impose their wills on themselves or in any manner of self-restraint.

Butchers choose to give into all their desires and are constantly pleasuring their senses.  To this end they are predacious, narcissistic, sadistic and cannibalistic.  There is no desire or urge they won’t fulfill. And they enjoy having the physical strength and strength of will to take what they want, when they want it.  And because Butchers are cannibals, even some Berserkers shy away from engaging them.  Butchers have been known to eat opponents alive while in battle.  And Butchers rarely eliminate their opponents right away as they prefer to savor their cannibalistic meals.  The most vicious of Butchers force their fallen opponents to watch as they are being eaten.

Their ascent past the Berserker Rage Matrix and mastery of each warrior caste make Butchers formidable warriors and imposers of will.  Their ability in battle and physical prowess is matched only by their caste rivals: Destroyers.


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