A Berserker can be any warrior, above a Student, regardless of class, who has been taught to summon his rage at will and increase his strength, physical ability and resistance to pain with it.  Rage is such a powerful emotional weapon that the energy it creates augments a fighter’s ability over most other fighters ranking higher than him or her.  However, this rage causes a Berserker to temporarily lose contact with and control of his mind, usually for long stretches of time. 

When this happens in battle Berserkers are some of the most dangerous, nearly invincible warriors in the caste.   This is because they enter what is known as the Berserker Rage Matrix; a self-induced, psychosomatic and mental energy web that gives a warrior access to physical strength and energy fueled by rage, hate, lust, greed, possession, envy, wrath and pain. 

A Berserker’s rage gives the warrior summoning it a huge boost in physical prowess but eats away it his self-control, self-possession and control of thought and action.  As a result Berserkers are wild in battle, reckless but, nearly unstoppable.  They can only be eliminated by decapitation or a severing of limbs. 

In their Berserker states warriors don’t feel physical pain…but the loss of their control of thought makes them extremely undisciplined fighters and subject to defeat by warriors of higher castes who are able to maintain clarity of thought, action and awareness.  However, very few warriors are able to maintain such self-composure and self-control when facing a Berserker, because Berserkers love to torture their opponents in the most excruciatingly and obscene was possible.

Once a warrior enters the Berserker Rage Matrix, very few are able to escape it.


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