Abdullah The Butcher

Street Tag: Abdullah
Praise Name: The Butcher
Class: Butcher
Height: 6’8
Weight: 450 lbs.
Group Affiliation: None
Real Name: Unknown
Ethnicity: Diasporic
Sex: Male
Age: Unknown

Powers & Abilities:  Abdullah the Butcher, like Chaos the Destroyer, is an Imposer of will.  Abdullah possesses an aural energy that allows him to increase his physical strength, ferocity and endurance level to match his opponent, or multiple opponents in hand to hand combat, or in times of battle.  This aural energy, or aura, is the essence of his will.  This aural energy is so intense that bystanders can often feel the heat emanating from Abdullah’s pores.  The energy from this emanating aura also disrupts the synapses and impedes nerve signals of intended targets.


General Info: One of the most feared man in the mega-metropolis of New Frontier, Abdullah the Butcher stands at 6’8, 450 lbs.  He’s been known to cannibalize his opponents after killing them in a street fight and he has little regard for anything but killing and being paid to kill.  Abdullah – the Butcher gives in to all his appetites and he truly does whatever he feels like doing at any given time.  Abdullah is also a highly intelligent man; he chooses to yield to nothing more than the constant and violent pleasuring of his senses.  And as a warrior he is virtually unstoppable. 


Abdullah the Butcher is Chaos the Destroyer’s most hated enemy.  He and Chaos hate each other so much they get physically ill in each other’s presence.  Only pure hatred and rage gives them the strength to stand and fight one another.  Abdullah the Butcher and Chaos the Destroyer don’t even hesitate when it comes time for battle.  When one sees the other they immediately go at it, trying to kill one another.  These two share a history that links them like handcuffs.


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