The Hierarchs are seven highly educated twenty-five year olds who plan to rule the world by age forty.  The leader of the Hierarchs is Lisa Love, and to achieve her PhD in Business at Oxford University Lisa wrote a dissertation on, How To Achieve World Domination In 15 Years Through Ownership and Control of Information Systems and Advanced Computer Technology.  Her thesis also included the tenants of multi-tier investing and financing with fiat money, heavy real estate acquisitions and the establishment of personal armies.  Lisa received an A+ on her theoretical business plan, but it wasn’t enough for her.


Lisa recruited a team of highly motivated, amoral, fellow PhDs and MBAs to assist her in carrying out her business plan to the letter.  This genius collective named themselves The Hierarchs, and created a digital artificial intelligence platform and computer-based operating system called, Hierarchy.  The Hierarchy program is surreptitiously infiltrating and placing spyware and Trojan horses inside every computer in the world.


Each of the Hierarchs comes from wealthy a family so none are out for world domination because of money.  The Hierarchs want to rule the world simply to prove how smart they are…and because they’re bored.  Their front company, Hierarchy Inc., became a multi-national corporation in two short years and its corporate body has a built in parallel secret society including a shadow cabinet, a shadow board of directors and a shadow executive branch that runs parallel to its public corporate offices. 


To further assuage their boredom the Hierarchs use their vast resources and wealth to stage hostile takeovers of other corporations, liquidate weaker ones entirely and a few Hierarchs have even bilked their own parents completely out of their fortunes and wealth.  A few of the Hierarchs enjoy violent activities, as it appears to be the only thing to get a physical rush out of them. 


The Hierarchs are also among the very small group of people on the planet who are aware of the existence of the 8 Great Gods of New Frontier.  The Hierarchs admire the Great Gods and are thrilled by the challenge of annihilating them and becoming gods themselves.


The Hierarchs are: Lisa Love, Caleb DuPree, Selena Devereaux, Dax Washington, Ambrosia Johnson, Holloway Stephenson, and Sanford Watts.