The Witches’ Order

The Witches’ Order is a large society of women and a small minority of men who study and practice magic, sorcery and mysticism. Witches number slightly over two thousand in population and most live in New Salem – The Witches’ District, a ten by fifteen mile parish in New Frontier with its own zip code. This district is an electrical dead zone; therefore there are no streetlights, cell phone capabilities, Internet connections nor electricity of any kind in New Salem. This works to the witches’ tactical advantage against outsiders as witches can see in the dark and energize any machinery needed through use of magic.

Witches spend most of their lives learning and practicing witchcraft and becoming stronger in magic. To this end most witches take the Vow of Poverty freeing them from material want to devote their lives to the study and practice of the magical arts.

What the Witches’ Believe

  • Witches believe in the power of collective consciousness and collective unconsciousness and that their true power lies in the strength of unanimity; this occurs when every witch simultaneously generates the same thoughts, and they are moved to act as one living magical body.


  • Witches believe in using benevolent magic, malevolent magic and clear magic.
    • Benevolent magic – using magic to the service of another.


    • Malevolent Magic – using magic to the detriment of others (usually used in self-defense).
    • Clear magic – using magic to awaken power or magic in others.


  • The witches read from right to left, for reading has to consummate with the creative (right) side of the brain in order for written magic spells to come alive. 

Types of Witches


There are seven types of witches in the Witches Caste. They are listed below.

  • Initiates
  • Students
  • Apprentices
  • Practitioners
  • Witches
  • Sorceresses
  • Ethereals


There are also magical sub-groups in Witch culture. These are mainly composed of women who have decided to leave the Witches’ Order and it’s bevy of vows, rules and regulations. Sub-groups also refer to men in Witch society who have been trained in the magical arts but are unable participate in formal academic and magic training due to their gender. The Witches Council believes that if men received formal training in the magical arts societal norms would tempt them to convert their matriarchy into a patriarchy. There are only two sub groups:

  1. Mystics
  2. Witch Doctors