W.I.D.O.W. ( Women In Defiance of Oppression thru War) is a large, secret, hidden society of women who have been gathering the financial resources, weaponry, land and skills to wage a heavily armed war if their society is ever discovered and attacked or if the need arises to protect and defend poor and powerless women facing exploitation or extermination anywhere on the globe.

WIDOW was formed during the American-Slave Era by a band of women slaves who’d lost their husbands in a failed insurrection.  WIDOW has existed secretly, for over 150 years, from the mainstream world.  The last one hundred of those years were spent assimilating and infiltrating into different segments of mainstream society to create a large, invisible network of social, financial and political support.  Whatever resources or skills an agent of WIDOW acquired in society she would funnel, in some way, back into the organization. 

In the 1970’s W.I.D.O.W. developed a political wing and shortly thereafter a militaristic wing.  The actual organization is run by the W.I.D.O.W., leader Matriarch I, and is structured in 5 different sects.

The Military Sect
The Informational Sect
The Matriarchal Sect
The Political Sect
The Iron Maidens

WIDOW society is so secret that anyone who’s ever begun an investigation into her existence has either been reassigned…or disappeared.  WIDOW helps perpetuate the myth of her non-existence by highly placed agents in various fields of politics, business, finance and even entertainment.  These agents use their influence to officially deny WIDOW’s existence if the subject is ever brought up.  Through her secret execution of propaganda, WIDOW has done an excellent job of keeping her existence unknown from mainstream society.

However, WIDOW’s existence has been suspected by high levels of the US Government for decades, yet the US Government has never been able to verify its suspicions, for all government agents who’ve launched serious investigations into WIDOW’s whereabouts or existence have come up empty. 

WIDOW’s existence is however known in the underground realms of New Frontier’s subcultures, chiefly among the warrior classes.  But people in that arena never talk to law enforcement officials nor, few others outside of their world. 

WIDOW warriors usually make cameo appearances in underground, no-holds barred fighting tournaments to sharpen their skills. And more than one male warrior has run into a mysterious woman-warrior whom he found difficult or near-impossible to defeat.  When this occurs the warrior knows this mysterious woman is more than likely an Iron Maiden.

Others warriors, like Chaos the Destroyer, have worked professionally, side by side with one or two Iron Maidens in their day; especially if that warrior has past mercenary ties to varying world governments.

WIDOW members usually refer to their organization as a “she” or “her.”