The Warrior Caste
The Warrior Caste has been around since ancient times. It became a part of underground New Frontier culture shortly after Mixed Martial Arts became a part popular culture and when the New Frontier Mega Metropolis Government began cracking down on the ownership and use of illegal firearms. So many men and women turned to the art of hand to hand combat and the martial arts as a means of protection and imposing their will on others.  Warriors are the most celebrated members of underground New Front society, even more so than other professional athletes, media celebrities and hip-hop artists.  There are 15 warrior classes in The Warrior Caste.


The 13 Warrior Classes

  1. Yearling
  2. Novice
  3. Student
  4. Fighter
  5. Brave
  6. Prizefighter
  7. Man-at-Arms
  8. Knight
  9. Monk
  10. Priest
  11. Lord
  12. Berserker
  13. Butcher
  14. Destroyer
  15. High Priest


Any boy, girl, man or woman with no prior experience, training or studies in hand-to-hand combat or the martial arts and seeks training for the very first time.

A Novice is a former Yearling who has conditioned his or her body to undergo the rigors of continued and extended training in the martial arts or any form of hand-to-hand combat.

A Student is a former Novice who supplements his or her physical training in the martial arts or hand-to-hand combat with at least 8 hours a day of primary, or secondary, educational classroom study and/or classroom study in his or her fighting discipline.

A Fighter is a former Student who graduates from classroom study and physical training with a black belt, or its equivalent, in his or her chosen discipline.

A Brave is a former Fighter who has attained 5 or more victories in organized hand-to-hand combat competition or in street fights. 

A Prizefighter is a former Brave or Knight who has become skilled enough to fight in legal or illegal fighting tournaments for money.  Prizefighters are usually hired out as personal bodyguards, bouncers, etc.

A Man-at-Arms is a former Prizefighter or Brave who achieves mastery in a second discipline of hand to hand combat, has logged at least twenty victories in organized fighting competitions or in street fights, and has mastered the skill of at least one hand-held weapon.

A Knight is a former Man-at-Arms who achieves mastery in a third discipline of hand-to-hand combat and has logged at least thirty victories in organized fighting competitions or in street fights.

A Monk is a former Knight who undergoes spiritual study.  Monks learn to use their spiritual energy to increase their strength and skill in the fighting arts.  Monks have to take the Vow of Detachment, Silence and Immaterialism.

A Priest is a Monk who has mastered the ability to use his spiritual energy to increase his physical strength and ability in the fighting arts.  Priests may break one of the three vows they made as Monks.

A Lord is a former Priest who masters a fourth discipline in the fighting arts and the use of a second hand held weapon.  Lords may break all their vows made as Monks and Priests.

A Berserker can be any warrior, above a Student, regardless of class, who has been taught to summon his rage at will and increase his strength, physical ability and resistance to pain with it.  Rage is such a powerful emotional weapon that the energy it creates augments a fighter’s ability over most other fighters ranking higher than him or her.  However, this rage causes a Berserker to temporarily lose contact with and control of his mind, usually for long stretches of time. 

When this happens in battle Berserkers are some of the most dangerous, nearly invincible warriors in the caste.   This is because they enter what is known as the Berserker Rage Matrix; a self-induced, psychosomatic and mental energy web that gives a warrior access to physical strength and energy fueled by rage, hate, lust, greed, possession, envy, wrath and pain. 

A Berserker’s rage gives the warrior summoning it a huge boost in physical prowess but eats away it his self-control, self-possession and control of thought and action.  As a result Berserkers are wild in battle, reckless but, nearly unstoppable.  They can only be eliminated by decapitation or a severing of limbs. 

In their Berserker states warriors don’t feel physical pain…but the loss of their control of thought makes them extremely undisciplined fighters and subject to defeat by warriors of higher castes who are able to maintain clarity of thought, action and awareness.  However, very few warriors are able to maintain such self-composure and self-control when facing a Berserker, because Berserkers love to torture their opponents in the most excruciatingly and obscene was possible.

Once a warrior enters the Berserker Rage Matrix, very few are able to escape it.


Butchers are warriors who have mastered all disciplines of the fighting and martial arts, have ascended successfully through each of the warrior classes, and have mastered and broken free of the Berserker Rage Matrix.

Butchers are former Lord-level Berserkers who have mastered control of thought.  This allows Butchers to call upon and possess the same strength of rage and durability as Berserkers while maintaining complete clarity of thought and self-awareness in the process.  As a result Butchers are methodical warriors and killers and their heightened sense of clarity and ability to be precise in battle gives them a keen tactical advantage over Berserkers in a fight.  But control of thought is as far as Butchers desire to achieve in the area of self mastery. 

It takes a huge effort of will to break free from the Berserker Rage Matrix.  The few warriors who manage to do so do it because they were able to generate their auras into tangible energy.  This is what gives Butchers imposers of will status.  Butchers access their aural energy by consciously tapping into the extreme hate, rage, greed, lust, envy, and possession they generate inside them.  They may also access their aural energy by feeding off the fear they instill in others.  And although this type of aural energy is limited Butchers are able to use it effectively to impose their wills on others, especially in hand to hand combat.  However, Butchers choose not impose their wills on themselves or in any manner of self-restraint.

Butchers choose to give into all their desires and are constantly pleasuring their senses.  To this end they are predacious, narcissistic, sadistic and cannibalistic.  There is no desire or urge they won’t fulfill. And they enjoy having the physical strength and strength of will to take what they want, when they want it.  And because Butchers are cannibals, even some Berserkers shy away from engaging them.  Butchers have been known to eat opponents alive while in battle.  And Butchers rarely eliminate their opponents right away as they prefer to savor their cannibalistic meals.  The most vicious of Butchers force their fallen opponents to watch as they are being eaten.

Their ascent past the Berserker Rage Matrix and mastery of each warrior caste make Butchers formidable warriors and imposers of will.  Their ability in battle and physical prowess is matched only by their caste rivals: Destroyers.


Destroyers are warriors who have mastered achievement in all disciplines of the fighting and martial arts, have ascended successfully through each of the warrior classes, and have mastered and broken free of the Berserker Rage Matrix.

Destroyers are former Lord-level Berserkers who have mastered control of thought, emotion and action.  And this control of emotion and action is what sets Destroyers apart from Butchers.  Destroyers lead lives of complete self-discipline.  They rarely act on base urges or material desires.  A Destroyer’s sole desire is to engage in hand-to-hand combat on the field of battle for a cause he believes in.  Destroyers are ascetic and spend much of their lives detaching from want.  This is in large part due to the process a warrior has to undergo in becoming a Destroyer.

To become a Destroyer one first has to achieve mastery in all of the warrior classes and ascend past the Berserker Rage Matrix.  Once this is achieved the newly freed warrior must then survive a death initiation ritual.  This involves the would-be Destroyer being buried alive, in a wicker casket, twelve feet beneath the ground.  The would-be Destroyer must remain buried for a period of 90 days.  During this 90-day period the would-be Destroyer’s ability to survive is dependent on his ability to exercise his will over his physical being.  The would-be Destroyer must take complete mental control over his physical self and enter it into the breathless state. 

In the breathless state the would-be Destroyer’s slows his breathing to a near stop, and the beating of his heart to one beat per minute, then one beat per hour, then one beat per day, and finally one beat per week. One this is achieved his soul lifts from his body and he is able to experience his higher self: a higher state of consciousness that allows him unfettered access to his aura and essence of will in tangible form.  A spiritual guide then trains the would-be Destroyer in how to properly and effectively access this energy in preparation for his return to physical form.

At the end of the 90-day trial the would-be Destroyer’s soul returns to his body and he must free himself from his casket and claw his way back to the surface.

Many warriors fail this final phase, most never enter into their breathless states and suffocate and die instead.  Others come up too early without reaching breathlessness, spiritual maturation or attainment; but those few who survive do so because they successfully meditate, slow and stop their breathing and lower the beating of their heart to one beat per week. Those who survive do so because they have mastered their wills and can now impose those wills on their very flesh and bone.  When they finally surface they attain the rank of Destroyer.  Destroyers are the most formidable warriors in existence.  Only Butchers are their equal in physical prowess and skill but none are their rival in power of will.


Butchers and Destroyers
Butchers and Destroyers are warriors who have mastered achievement in all disciplines of the fighting and martial arts and have ascended successfully through each of the warrior rankings.  Destroyers and Butchers are all former Berserkers who were able to regain control of their minds even when summoning rage.  This is the single most difficult skill to master in all of the fighting arts.  This is why Butchers and Destroyers are the highest level a non-pacifist warrior can attain.  It is also what makes them so strong and deadly.  The difficulty in achieving this level of discipline is why there are so few Butchers and Destroyers in existence.  As a result of mastering this discipline, Butchers and Destroyers have complete mental control over their physical prowess and most can heal themselves through meditation.  But only Destroyers can mentally control their heartbeat as well as mentally manipulate each of their body’s involuntary functions.  Another difference between Butchers and Destroyers is philosophy.  Butchers are hedonists and do not exercise self-restraint except where it immediately benefits them.  Destroyers exercise and practice self-restraint daily and rarely act on their baser emotions except in battle or in its preparation. 

Butchers and Destroyers have been around since the Earth’s very first civilization sprang up on the Nile Valley.  Destroyers were originally defenders of the weak; their intent was to destroy evil.  Butchers were originally enforcers of the strong; their intent was to impose their will on others, usually on behalf of pharaohs and kings. Now, most Destroyers have devolved into merely being destroyers of Butchers and most Butchers have devolved into merely being butchers of Destroyers.

The combined number of Butchers and Destroyers has dwindled to less than a dozen.  This is due in part to the extreme difficulty in ascending to Butcher and Destroyer status.  Another factor is that Butchers and Destroyers have virtually killed each other off over the centuries while the remaining ones were slaughtered by gangs of Berserkers looking to eliminate their caste superiors.


High Priests
High Priests are former Destroyers who have completely abstained from their warrior ways, achieved inner peace and with it, spiritual control over anger, lust for battle, and violence.  All High Priests are pacifists.  They have complete spiritual control over their minds and bodies giving them a physical edge in skill over Butchers and Destroyers.  However, High Priests are too spiritually advanced to physically battle another living creature: man, animal or insect even in self-defense.  When a Destroyer is ready to become a High Priest he must ready himself mentally, physically and spiritually then seek one out for guidance.

Sub Groups:
Sub groups are men and women who engage in varying forms of combat but not necessarily hand-to-hand, nor do they have to have ever studied a fighting discipline.

Gunslingers are men or women in New Frontier who are so skilled in gun fighting that they can hire themselves out professionally, as hired guns, hit men, enforcers and assassins.  Some gunslingers even work for law enforcement agencies such as, the New Front Police Department or the Terrorist Control Bureau.

Barehandsmen are usually warriors, but always any man or woman who is expertly skilled in weaponless hand-to-hand combat.  Barehandsmen are noted for being expert at disarming an opponent of his or her weapon and are usually skilled enough to defeat them in weaponless hand-to-hand combat.  A large amount of women-warriors are Barehandsmen.

Manhandlers are usually warriors who are skilled at killing an opponent of equal ranking or higher with his or her bare hands.  Manhandlers are so skilled in weaponless hand-to-hand combat that they rarely use weapons in physical confrontations.

Working Girls

Working girls are adolescent girl assassins.  Working girls usually work alone or through an agency.  They are often highly trained in a given discipline, i.e., hand to hand combat, gunslinging, barehandsmanship, etc., if not several.


Heavyweights are almost always men who use their sheer size, strength and weight to muscle and outmuscle an opponent or multiple opponents. Heavyweights aren’t necessarily skilled in the fighting arts, but their large size acts as a physical equalizer usually giving them the advantage against most warrior classes.  Heavyweights who are well trained in the warrior classes are the most feared, loved, hated respected and popular warriors in the mega-metropolis of New Frontier.  Heavyweights start at anyone who is at least 6’5, 300 pounds.  Most Heavyweights refer to any one not of their size as “lightweights.”

Notable Heavyweights skilled in the fighting arts:  Chaos the Destroyer and Abdullah the Butcher.

Tax Collectors
A tax collector is any man or woman, but almost always a heavyweight, gunslinger or warrior, who collects monies from debtors for regulators, drug dealers, organized crime bosses, or anyone with the money enough to hire them to collect a debt. 

Assassins are any men or women skilled in the art of striking an opponent suddenly and by surprise with the intent to kill.  Assassins are usually Gunslingers.  True warriors are prevented by the Warriors Code of carrying out assassinations. 

Escape Artists
Escape artists are men and women, usually spies or thieves, who are skilled in escaping from various forms of confinement.

Quick-change Artists
Quick-change artists are men or women who can alter their physical appearances, in less than a minute, with a quick change of clothes and the addition or removal of makeup, wigs, and/or prosthetic limbs and/or facial features.

Sleight of Hand Artists
Sleight of hand artists are usually gunslingers who can hide their guns on their person and are able to move them around on their body to avoid detection when being physically searched and or patted down.  Almost all gunslingers master sleight of hand movements before they learn how to use, or come to own, guns.

Warriors & Gunslingers

Most warriors view gun slinging as cowardly and weak and as a result have a very low opinion of gunslingers.  As a matter of fact warriors and gunslingers rarely get along, rarely if ever socialize, and most just downright hate each other.  Their biggest rift is over the issue of assassination.  Warriors feel that to sneak up on and surprise an opponent with the intent to kill is dishonorable.  Even the most morally questionable and violent warriors have a problem with this, especially since some warriors have been assassinated by gunslingers.  When this happens groups of warriors declare open war on gunslingers killing them on sight if they are able.  This prompted The Great Gunslinger - Warrior Conflict (aka the Conflict); one of many caste turf wars during New Frontier’s Degenerate Era. 

Warriors also see gunslinging as lazy and lacking in physical and mental discipline.  Most gunslingers think that warriors are too old school and trapped in the ancient past.  A lot of gunslingers view a warrior’s lifetime of training in the fighting arts as a monumental waste of time.

The Great Gunslinger – Warrior Conflict

New Front has a population of approximately 9 million residents; in that, there are about 900 warriors and 10,000 gunslingers.  Back in New Front’s Degenerate Era, the warrior, Mandrake the Brave, was found dead in a back alley in lower city New Front.  He died from multiple gunshot wounds.  No gunslinger was ever found responsible or claimed responsibility for the hit. 

Within the enraged warrior community bands of newly graduated Fighters from the Houses of Pain, Wrath and Red formed a roving rogue unit and invaded the homes of known gunslingers.  They killed dozens of gunslingers in only a week’s time.  In retaliation a band of gunslingers joined together and began murdering warriors by the hundreds, on the street, in drive-by shootings, and organized hits.  Warriors, despite their skill and mastery in the fighting and martial arts, have little protection against bullets fired from a gun.  Only Knights or higher are skilled enough at deflecting bullets from handguns but few are skilled enough to deflect bullets from automatic rapid-fire assault guns.

This street war went on for almost a year until, Tony Atlas, Strongest Man in the World, went undefeated in the first ever New Front Fighting Championship Tournament.  This was the most watched television event in the history of New Front.  And when he received his fighting championship belt and trophy he asked for peace to be established across New Front between warriors and gunslingers.  The power of Tony Atlas’s popularity was such that the fighting stopped between the two groups. 

Warriors, who are outnumbered ten to one by gunslingers, suffered the greatest loss to their ranks.  At the Conflict’s end over 300 warriors had been murdered to 800 gunslingers.  The warriors in effect lost over a third of their ranks while the gunslingers merely suffered less than a tenth.  Since this Degenerate Era conflict, the warrior population has reconstituted to about 900 skilled and active fighters and about 1000 students among the 5 Houses.  The gunslinger population however, has dwindled some to about 8000.  Much of it is attributed to the enforcement of laws banning the owning and carrying of firearms.  Being caught with a firearm on your person, of any kind, is punishable by a mandatory life sentence in prison. 

Gunslingers still vastly outnumber warriors almost 9 to one, and the groups still generally despise one another.  But there has been no major violence, other than unrelated personal conflicts, between the two groups since the Degenerate Era.


The Warriors’ Code
The Warriors’ Code is the rule of self-law and self-discipline that a warrior must pledge and adhere to for the honor and privilege of being accepted into the warriors ranks for training.  Any warrior in violation of this code is seen to be too dangerous to society to continue on as one.  A warrior in violation of this code may be subject to being confronted and killed by others of the warrior classes.  The Warrior Code is quite difficult to enforce because the warriors who usually violate this code are Berserkers, Butchers and sometimes Destroyers.  Warriors turned mercenaries also are apt to violate this code in some way, shape or form.  And warriors such as the aforementioned are often too strong or too violent to easily confront and kill.  The Warrior Code is as follows:

“As a warrior I solemnly swear never to confront or fight anyone outside the warrior classes, except in matters of protecting others or in self-defense.  As a warrior, I solemnly swear to never engage in the wanton deaths of others except in matters of organized or agreed upon competition, battle or war.  I solemnly swear to pay no regard to a warrior’s race, ethnicity, creed or gender, only a warrior’s class or rank.  I solemnly swear to never commit assassinations but to confront my enemies and opponents face to face and battle them intimately, by hand.  I swear never to draw my weapon unless outnumbered or my opponent agrees to draw his.  I swear to take and adhere lifelong to at least one of the 7 Vows in order to strengthen my spirit.  I swear to abide by this warriors’ code and to forfeit my life in violation of it, or in its defense”.


General Warrior Information


The Fighting News Network or FNN
The Fighting News Network or FNN is the 24hour fighting news only underground cable channel in New Front.  It covers legal fighting tournaments and championships and reports live from illegal underground fighting tournaments but can’t tape footage from them for no cameras or recording devices of any kind are allowed.  FNN interviews warriors no longer in the fighting world and follows the 5 houses and the amateur fighting ranks throughout the official fight year.

Fighting Television or Fight TV or FTV
FTV is a second underground cable channel that broadcasts fighting news and related stories.  FTV operates on more of a street level, broadcasting live from street fights.  It also offers analysis on the latest weekly Top 10 Warrior rankings.  FTV is not on 24 hours a day, it usually only broadcasts when a street fight occurs then replays the footage and offers up to the minute analysis.  It also operates from about midnight to five in the morning.  FTV is run by Morris Mustang.  Morris Mustang pays $1000 to anyone who pages him the moment a potential street fight is expected to break out and he can race to the location in time to film and cover it for FTV.

The Fighter’s Weekly News or The Fighter’s Weekly
The Fighters’ Weekly is a weekly underground newspaper that wraps up the current events that occurred in the fighting world during the previous week.  The Fighters’ Weekly is mostly popular because it publishes the weekly Top 10 Warrior rankings, or, “the List.”  The List ranks what the editors feel are the Top 10 Warriors in New Front in a given week.

The Fighter’s Daily News or The Fighters Daily
The Fighter’s Daily is the daily underground newspaper that provides the latest news on fighting events, competitions and championships both legal and underground.  It also provides commentary and editorials on the class rankings, the List, analysis on each warrior on the List, and follows the fighting teams of the 5 Houses. 

Near the end of the series they rank Berserkers above Butchers and Destroyers.  This, among other slights, prompts Chaos and Abdullah to go to the House of Rage and set the record straight.

The List
The editors and journalists of FNN, FTV and the Fighters’ Weekly and Daily rank the Top 10 Warriors of New Front once every week.  The List is published on the front page of the Fighters’ Weekly and can be found plastered on street corner walls and telephone poles early Monday mornings.  This Top 10 list affects a warrior’s popularity.  While on the List a warrior can get paid a lot of money just for appearing in one round of a tournament.  Some warriors, like Tony Atlas, get endorsement deals.  No warrior, however, has stayed on the Top 10 list for more than one year.  This is due to other warriors trying to knock him off in either street fights or tournaments to make the list themselves.  And no warrior has stayed at number 1 for more than a month.  When our story opens, Tony Atlas breaks that record and is on track to stay in the number 1 position for an entire year.  But in his 11th month he meets Abdullah the Butcher who all but kills him and knocks him off.  No woman has ever made the List either.  It is the dream of some women-warriors to one day get ranked on the List. 

Beloved, one of W.I.D.O.W.’s Iron Maidens will be the first woman ever to make the List.

Samson the Scribe and Morris Mustang own, run and operate all of The Fighting News Media.  Samson the Scribe runs the print division, the Fighter’s Daily and the Fighter’s Weekly, while Morris Mustang runs Fight TV and the Fighting News Network.

The Warriors Classes are the equivalent of hip-hop artists and athletes, today.  They are underground and in the inner, lower and under cities, yet they have a mass following among Black kids in the suburbs and exurbs and in the civil city.  Like hip-hop, the warrior lifestyle can be extremely violent, like hip-hop it can also focus on the true beauty, craft and discipline of the martial and open hand arts. Like hip-hop, the warrior lifestyle gets glamorized at times, stereotyped at times, and demonized at others.  But there are abundant stories that show, when used properly, the discipline one can attain through commitment and practice in the fighting arts, can save and change lives.  In all its glory and infamy the Warrior lifestyle is usually covered broadly by FTV and FNN.  Some warriors even become fight commentators and print journalists when their careers are over.