Jezebel is not only the richest woman in the mega-metropolis of New Frontier but also one of its most influential and powerful citizens; Jezebel controls and profits from virtually all prostitution and human trafficking in the mega-metropolis of New Frontier.  During New Front’s Degenerate Era she battled for business, respect and territory against already, well-established and all male pimps.  The pimps put her out of business by brutally murdering all of her prostitutes and attempted to take her life as well during a botched assassination attempt. 

Jezebel escaped into hiding to recover and afterwards she declared war on every pimp in New Front and waged a brutal and bloody campaign against them.  She had no money, nor muscle, and illegal firearms were extremely difficult to find since the local government crackdown.  So, in secret, she teamed up with the then leaders of the Lo-riders, an up and coming street gang in FDH1 who were trying to garner respect throughout the New Front underworld.  From connections made through Snitch the Bitch, Jezebel was able to arm the Lo-Riders with handguns and firearms, which enabled them to carve a space for themselves in the New Front underworld.  In turn they became her hit men.  Jezebel and the Lo-Riders hunted down and murdered every pimp in the mega-metropolis of New Frontier in what is now known as the Jezebelean-Pimp Wars.  With new found territory and sole access to the prostitution trade Jezebel seized it and turned it into the most efficient, and second most profitable, underground business in New Front.  She has also garnered favors, protection and aid from law enforcement officials and politicians who she’s either blackmailed or bought off over the years.  And because she has so many friends in high places within the law enforcement community, and muscle backing from her team of hired mercs and the Lo-Riders on the street, Jezebel’s reign has flourished unchallenged for two decades and she is deemed an untouchable.

Jezebel’s Hierarchy of Whores:

  1. Dollar Whores
  2. Streetwalkers
  3. Showgirls
  4. Playmates
  5. Dreamgirls
  6. Thoroughbreds
  7. Madames