The 5 Fighting Houses of New Frontier are the schools or dojos where Yearlings enter to train and graduate as Fighters in the mixed-martial arts.  Each house specializes in its own authentic and specific style.  And once the students graduate after their 4 years of training many are able to go out and make a living as professionals in the fighting arts. 

Each school has a monastery and students can spend up to 10 years there studying and training to become a Monk or to achieve Lord or High Priest status. 

Each House requires a blood oath and lifelong allegiance to it.  Once it’s taken and you are accepted into its clan you can only break it by death.  The Houses are highly competitive with one another.  They compete against each other every year in various organized fighting tournaments.  These tournaments have become even more popular than the NCAA Basketball Tournament as it determines which House will be deemed the best; this not only generates millions of dollars in corporate money to these houses but also attracts a higher caliber of student.  These Houses admit boys only.  The 5 Houses of New Frontier are as follows:

  1. The House of Pain
  2. The House of Wrath
  3. The House of Red
  4. The House of the Black Fist
  5. The House of Rage