The 4 Gangs of New Frontier are comprised of young men who are largely unskilled in the fighting arts.  Each gang has its own treaty with the Dead Presidents to maintain the illegal drug trade in New Front in their specific territories and Federal Public Housing Districts. 

On a street level they have also developed tightly knit organized crime units that delve off into other aspects of crime such as tax collection, gambling, extortion, armed robbery and other miscellaneous criminal activity. 

Gang members make up for their lack of warrior training and fighting skill by the sheer size of their ranks.  When one of its members is threatened, each gang has its own rallying cry and dozens, sometimes up to one hundred members can assemble at a moments’ notice to stamp out the threat. 

The 4 Gangs of New Front are:

The Lo-riders.  The Heavyweights.  The Brass Knucklers.  The Black Cats