The Shirley Caesar Personal Avenging and Investigations Agency
“We handle cases the law won’t.”

Shirley Caesar Investigations acts as a personal avenger for clients who don’t have the power, influence or wealth to receive justice for their grievances. This oftentimes pits her against the more powerful and influential citizens of New Frontier such as politicians, corporate executives, the heads of law enforcement agencies, religious leaders and the like.

Taking on the disenfranchised as clients also doesn’t pay very well. To supplement her agency’s income Shirley Caesar has to take on one or two private investigation cases a year from a wealthy client to allow her to do the more gritty work of personal avenging.

Shirley Caesar Investigations is staffed by Shirley Caesar, president and CEO; Fez, Office Manager; D’Angeline, Office Intern and Tech Support; Snot, freelance muscle.