The Proletariat is a ragtag group of adventurers whose powers and special abilities were given to them from the essence of their leader, Pantheon the Unconquerable.

Pantheon is an alien born on a slave planet who is searching the cosmos for his mother, wife and child; all of whom were sold away from his birth planet.

Once his family was sold away from him Pantheon staged an insurrection by becoming a cosmic god.

Earth is the last of the slave planets in the cosmos and he believes it’s the only place in the galaxy left where they could be.

When entering Earth’s atmosphere and exploring the planet Pantheon saw the devastating conditions peoples of the third world were living under. To address this he gathered together citizens of these 3rd world countries whom he deemed champions or saw potential in and disseminated one ability of his power into each of them so that they would better aid him in serving the most destitute of nations and people on the planet.

Pantheon lost a substantial portion of his might and energy by dividing it among his new teammates, however he is still formidable and still posseses just enough power to be classified as a cosmic god.

The Proletariat is as follows:

Blade Runner
Time Warp