Tony Quick

Name: Tony Quick
Height: 6’1
Weight: 210 lbs.
Ethnicity: African-American
Sex: Male

Age: 31

Hairstyle: Neat, close-cropped hair.
Complexion: Brown
Tony Quick
Tony Quick is the Lead Detective of the Terrorist Affairs Bureau [TAB] Insomniac Division.  And the detectives in his particular department are called the Insomniacs, because they never rest until they get their man.  He is one of the narrators who takes the reader through the different worlds of New Front.  He is initially assigned to New Front to investigate the bombing of an abortion clinic and get to the bottom of who is responsible for it.  But in reality he has a secret agenda unbeknownst to all.  While there, he discovers that Dr. Malcolm X Forbes is still alive and that some of the women of New Front have supernatural abilities.


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