Name: Hoboken
Praise Name: The Blind Sage
Height: 6’2
Weight:  175 lbs.
Ethnicity: African-American
Sex: Male

Age: 70

Hairstyle: Messy. Afro.
Complexion: Brown

Hoboken the Blind Sage

Hoboken is one of our story’s chief narrators.  No one pays much attention to him so he is usually able to wade in and out of places unnoticed.  Because he’s blind his other senses are heightened.  He can tell who a person is by the sound of their footsteps or the way they smell.  He always remembers a person’s smell and the sound they make when they walk.  Hoboken is sometimes seen sitting on rooftops or the tops of billboards and no one knows exactly how he was able to get up there.  Hoboken has been living in New Front for so long and has heard so much that he has an uncanny ability to accurately predict future events in New Front purely based on past precedents.  He was around during the Degenerate Era and has ties to Snitch – the Bitch, the Transvestite Information Specialist.  It is known to no one, but Hoboken is the person who Snitch – the Bitch gets most of his street information from.  Hoboken normally tries to resist doing this but he has a weakness for the touch of women.  And because he’s homeless and blind, women won’t come near him.  Snitch – the Bitch however, uses the women in his escort service to seduce and fuck information right out of him.


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