Babette “Babs” Babylon

Name: Babette Babylon
Height: 5’9
Weight: 130 lbs.
Ethnicity: African-American
Sex: Female

Age: 26

Hairstyle: Neatly kept shoulder length hair.
Complexion: Brown

Babette “Babs” Babylon
Babs Babylon is a field detective at the TAB.  As a detective, she is as hardboiled as they come, but doesn’t look the part as she is extremely attractive.  She is a quick study of people and has an uncanny knack for knowing if someone is lying to her or not.  This makes her one of the best interrogationists in the department.  And like most detectives in the Insomniac Division she is a workaholic and then some.  Her partner is Nino Brown. Drop dead gorgeous.  Neatly kept hair.  Wears great designer suits. 


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