The Terrorist Affairs Bureau is the US Counter-Terrorism Agency headquartered in the mega-metropolis of New Frontier, the Earth’s largest city.  It’s housed in a series of eleven connecting skyscrapers and employs over 30,000 employees. 

This US Government agency investigates domestic terrorist activity.  The TAB can command jurisdiction over all other law enforcement and government agencies, save the CIA and NSA.  TAB agents can declare any crime an act of terrorism.  Doing so gives them legal jurisdiction over the investigation of a crime, crime scene or the apprehension of a suspect. 

They can also reverse their ruling as well, thus turning the investigation or apprehension of a suspect back over to the original law enforcement agency that initially responded.  This has made them the ire of every law enforcement agency in the mega-metropolis of New Front.  An ire coupled with the fact that TAB detectives and investigative agents, or street agents, are usually very well educated, very well paid, and sometimes express an air of class superiority within the law enforcement community.

Shock Troops

Shock Troops are special weapons and tactics officers of the Terrorist Affairs Bureau.  They are armed and trained to meet terroristic threats up to and including armed conflict. Each division in the TAB has it’s own set of shock troops: Teams Alpha, Bravo, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Kilo, Juliet, Sierra, Tango, Omega, and Zulu.

The Terrorist Affairs Bureau is comprised of the following 10 divisions:

The Insomniac Division
The Heavy Mecha Division
The Quick Response Unit
Weapons and Armory
Interrogation and Debriefing
Investigations and Arrests
Vehicles and Robotics
Legal and Jurisprudence
Intelligence and Monitoring
Research and Analysis