Dr Malcolm Xavier Forbes

Street Tag: Darkhorse
Praise Name: the Director
Occupation: Co-Founder, co-Elder and co-Strategist of Stormbringers
Height: 6’1
Weight: 220 lbs.
Group Affiliation: Stormbringers
Real Name: Malcolm Xavier Forbes
Ethnicity: African-American
Age: 52


Dr. Malcolm Xavier Forbes is believed to be dead.  And legally speaking, he is.  His social security number has been deactivated, his banking accounts closed and there is no longer any documentation of his existence beyond his date of death. 

Dr. Forbes is the former Director of the CIA Black Operations Division and someone either attempted to kill him, or he faked his own death, for reasons only he knows. In true spy form, Forbes has lived a life of such subterfuge, smoke and mirrors and doublespeak it’s hard to discern the total truth.

Forbes was recruited by the CIA right out of college.  The organization was impressed he was able to run a rabble rousing, de facto secret society (The Secret Seven), one that even published a weekly newspaper, oftentimes critical of university officials, without his University or classmates ever knowing he was responsible nor who made up members of his staff.

A straight-A student, Forbes exhibited superior skills in critical thinking and situational analysis. The CIA invested in him and sent him to university for four more years where he received a Master’s in Psychology and a Doctorate in Situational Thinking and Analysis.  From there he began his career with the CIA.  He worked for two years as a Phone Tap Operator, then three in Satellite Encryption before transferring to Field Ops as an agent and spy, and soon after Tech Ops, Psi Ops and finally, Black Operations. 

Forbes exceeded expectations in each department as an agent and was promoted to Director of Phone Tap Operations.  And over the next ten years Forbes served as Director for every division he formerly worked in as a field agent and ended his career as Director of the Black Operations Division, a position he coveted because it usually led to being named Director of the CIA by the incoming President of the United States.

Dr. Forbes worked for the CIA for 25 years.  During his tenure as director of Black Ops he was chiefly responsible for implementation of U.S. foreign policy in Africa and the Middle East and the protection of her corporate interests. He also oversaw the Slaughterhousers, a group of mercenaries under his control.  The Slaughterhousers carried out classified missions under his purvey and left lots of devastation in their wake. This made Dr. Forbes lots of enemies abroad but he felt safe in his position, protected by the most powerful intelligence agency the world over. 

However, there were holes in the U.S. intelligence community. The CIA, FBI, NSA, ATF and officials in the Department of Defense didn’t share intelligence with each other very well.  They were imbued in a civil war of ego and hubris and collectively failed to prevent the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Dr. Forbes took that failure as an attempt on his life and exploited the first opportunity he could and disappeared.

Three decades ago, while a member of The Secret Seven, he and his fellow group members vowed to excel in either the public or private sectors of society, gather up resources along the way, then reunite to share those resources and do something extraordinary.  Unfortunately, one member was dead, one has been missing for two decades, another disavowed his allegiance to the group, and a fourth agreed to only offer aid discreetly so as not to jeopardize her standing in society.

While in hiding Forbes assessed his life and decided that he needed to move in a new direction.  He resolved to use the resources he acquired over his 30 years of work to figure out what good he could do. He contacted each of the remaining Seven. And only Dr. Grant and Asante vowed to join him.

Dr. Grant wanted his assistance in protecting the lives of a group of Supernaturals who attended a women’s group in her paranormal psychiatry practice.  These Supernaturals met to work on mental and emotional issues surrounding their strange new powers.  Forbes believed that if he could gather these women and team them with former assets he handled who wanted out of The Agency then together they’d be able to protect themselves from whoever was attempting murder the women and from the retribution that would inevitably follow the men for leaving the Agency. 

Once this was accomplished Dr. Grant and Dr. Forbes agreed that he would use his skill as a CIA handler to field train the women as they attempted to master their strange and wonderful powers while she, through psychotherapy, would deprogram the men who’d undergone severe mental conditioning during their stint in the Black Ops Division.  This young group of Supernaturals and Warriors came together and named themselves, Stormbringers.


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