Dr. Lydia Grant, MD, MP, PP, PhD

Street Tag: None
Praise Name: Our Lady
Occupation: Paranormal Psychiatrist, Metaphysician, co-Founder, co-Elder and co-Strategist of Stormbringers
Height: 5’5
Weight: 135
Group Affiliation: Stormbringers
Real Name: Lydia Grant, MD, MP, PP, PhD
Ethnicity: African-American
Age: 49

Dr. Lydia Grant has never discussed her past.  She entered the University of New Frontier as a freshman one year behind her fellow co-founder of The Secret Seven and Stormbringers, Dr. Malcolm Xavier Forbes.  While in college she and Forbes co-founded the underground activist group The Secret Seven and despite the eventual breakup of the group they remained in touch for the better part of 30 years.

As a student Lydia Grant was fascinated with matters of the mind and human psychology.  Psychology became her major, one in which she had a vast affinity for.  She excelled in college and won a full scholarship to medical school.  After completing eight years of classroom work, residency and her intern, Dr. Grant began to practice psychiatry.

She began as an intern in a psychiatric ward and fought to improve the conditions and treatment of the patients, particularly the women.  The women she discovered were often exploited sexually which served only to compound the problems in their already fragile mental states.  Fighting a losing battle Dr. Grant was released from her duties.  She attempted to turn state’s evidence of the psychiatric ward but the case never made it to court.

Dr. Grant decided to open a private practice.  She wanted to concentrate on the working poor and other patients living in poverty, those who normally had little to no access to mental healthcare.  Because of the stigma of psychotherapy in these low-income communities, Dr. Grant saw very few clients her first several years and her business suffered as a result.  Then one day she received a call from her old college mate Dr. Malcolm X. Forbes, then the Director of CIA Psi Operations.

Director Forbes, as he was called then, hired her as a CIA consultant and flew her to Langley, Virginia to help analyze the standardized test scores of children who met a certain paranormal psychological profile.  These students were brought in under the auspices that they were selected to take prototypes of government placement tests.  However, these students were actually tested for their capacity for Extraordinary Sensory Perception.  The most promising of these young students was a six-year old named Libra Young.  Libra would later come to be known as Silk the Intuitionist, a founding member of the Supernatural-Warrior set, Stormbringers. 

Dr. Grant was fascinated by this child’s potential to develop ESP. Libra was able to guess every card in a deck of 52 without seeing the faces.  She was able to paint an exact replica of an artist’s painting as he was in the process of painting it one mile away, in a separate building and room.  And because Libra was from New Frontier, Drs. Grant and Forbes wanted to study her further, but two years later Libra and her mother completely vanished without a trace and there was no father listed on her birth certificate.

Dr. Grant returned to school and received a Master’s in metaphysics at the Institute of Metaphysics in New Frontier.  She studied under the incomparable metaphysician, Professor Nihm.  Dr. Grant earned yet another Master’s in parapsychology at the Institute as well.  She then reopened her practice with an additional focus: to see if psychological conditions were in any way related to psychic or Extraordinary Sensory Perception phenomena.  Her practice made even less money than it had previously, and saddled with debt from student loans Dr. Grant was sinking fast.

Fortunately, another old college mate, Dr. Hadassah Hyacinth-Waterloo sought Dr. Grant’s help in counseling her child, Megan, a certified genius at eight years old who was having difficulty adjusting to her life as a high-intellectual at such an early age.  Dr. Grant did such a wonderful job of helping Megan adjust emotionally that Hadassah nominated her practice for a small business grant given annually by the Waterloo Charitable Trust.  Dr. Grant was awarded the grant, which gave her two million dollars to provide cognitive therapy to both the gifted and the poor.  And Megan Waterloo would later become Matrix the Creator, a founding member of Stormbringers.

Dr. Grant’s parapsychiatry practice dealt mainly with these phenomena, but was open to all others, including depth psychology and psychotherapy.

  • Telepathy – direct mind to mind communication
  • Clairvoyancy – remote or out of body viewing, i.e., astral projection
  • Telekinesis or psychokinesis – mental manipulation or interaction over or with physical objects
  • Biotelekinesis – Mental interaction or manipulation over living systems
  • Reincarnation – the rebirth of a soul in another body
  • Transcendentalism – the assessment of the nature of reality and personal origin by investigating the process of thought and psychic phenomena.
  • Psychogenesis – dealing with mental and physical disorders originating from the mind or from thought as opposed to bio or physiologically.


Dr. Grant holds four doctorate degrees, one in medicine, psychology, metaphysics and parapsychology.  She had a private practice just outside New Salem in the Quartermain District.  And her clientele included Supernaturals, witches, angels, psychics and a menagerie of normal, everyday people who’ve experienced paranormal phenomena.  When her office was ransacked, files stolen and many of her Supernatural clients were killed, she was contacted by Dr. Forbes and told him they needed to gather together a team of Supernaturals before the rest of them were slaughtered. They formed Stormbringers shortly thereafter.


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