Dr. Hadassah Hyacinth-Waterloo

Dr. Hadassah Hyacinth-Waterloo is a certified genius and fluent in 22 languages. She is the widow of renowned New Pygmy physicist and geneticist, Dr. Ulysses S. Waterloo.  She earned her doctorate in modern foreign languages and used the two million dollar trust, endowed to every Waterloo who earns a doctoral degree, to start the Waterloo Institute of Foreign Languages.  Hadassah is president of the Institute and it serves 5, 000 students a year who matriculate there to earn Master and Doctorate degrees in any living or dead foreign language ever spoken in the world.  Drs. Hadassah and Ulysses S. Waterloo are the parents of teenage genius and Stormbringer, Megan Bree Waterloo, who also goes by the hero moniker of Matrix the Creator.


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