Alison Aubrey

Alison Aubrey continued her romantic relationship with fellow Secret Seven member Sterling Sharpe after college graduation.  She became a full-time grass roots activist and political organizer.  She was arrested two years later while exercising her rights to freely assemble during a rally protesting the building of a nuclear power plant in a farming community. 
Alison Aubrey was imprisoned without a trial and despite his best efforts her lover, Sterling Sharpe, couldn’t find a quality attorney or law firm to represent her, other than the public defender assigned to her case.
 Aubrey and Sharpe became pregnant during a conjugal visit and Aubrey gave birth to their daughter, Miranda Sharpe, who would later become Stormbringer, Andromeda the Star.  Aubrey gave birth to Miranda in her prison cell and her daughter was immediately taken from her and remanded to the custody of Sharpe.  A desperate mother, Aubrey made a daring and successful prison break to see her newborn daughter and then disappeared without a trace shortly thereafter.


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