The Dollar Store

The Dollar Store is a whorehouse disguised as a corner or convenient store where a single prostitute (usually a child slave) is housed in back, usually shackled to a bed by collar and chain, and forced to have sex with men who are only required to pay one-dollar at the door.  It is the most profitable business in the Jezebelean Empire. 

Very few girls however, survive.  Most are only able to endure it a total of two or three days before dying from exhaustion, thirst, hunger and the abuse of being constantly mauled 24 hours a day.  Dollar whores are sent to Dollar Stores to die, they are given no food, water, clothes, medicine or nourishment of any kind.  Jezebel places unwanted girl slaves there. These are girls that no one is looking for, not her family, not the authorities and not the news media. Oftentimes these girls are smuggled in from the African continent, but African-American girls are used as well. 

Jezebel capitalizes on the fact that when a Black girl goes missing, anywhere in the world, very few people go looking for her, and those who do almost always lack the money, status and influence to force the news media or authorities to make their missing daughter a priority.

Jezebel also sends Streetwalkers, Showgirls, Playmates and Thoroughbreds to dollar stores as punishment or banishment if they ever cross or fail her. Their failure usually involves being incapable of earning the minimum amount of daily money required by a prostitute in her given caste.

Each dollar store is run by a dollar boss and protected by a Heavyweight.


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