Jessica Belle

Name: Jessica Belle
Street Tag: Jezebel
Praise name: Queen of Whores
Class: God
Height: 6’1
Weight: 255 lbs.
Group Affiliation: The 8 Great Gods of New Frontier
Ethnicity: African-American
Sex: Female
Age: 44

Occupation: President and CEO of Jessica Belle Cosmetics.

Personal Army: 2000 lady assassins called, The Black Mambas.

Number in personal counsel: 10 


Jessica Belle is a corporate magnate, pimp, child enslaver and is also known as Jezebel Queen of Whores.  Her street tag and alias is known only to a small few: the Great Gods, and one or two others whom she hasn’t had an opportunity to kill.  Jessica Belle also runs the largest and most profitable cosmetic firm in the world.  Her products cater to women of color and can be found in every country on the continent of Africa, throughout the US and Caribbean and into the Pacific Islands, Asia and Australia.  But this is not what makes Jessica Bell rich, or even powerful, her cosmetics company is merely a front that launders money from her true profession as Queen of Whores. 


What makes Jezebel powerful is that she is able to create more liquid capital than any other god in the Great 8 cabal.  Liquid capital is physical cash or money that cannot be traced and therefore cannot be taxed.  Jessica Belle creates liquid capital through her prostitution empire that covers everything from the buying and selling of women and children, prostitution, and gentlemen’s clubs.  Jessica Belle also uses the thousands of women in her employ to extort favors from politicians and law enforcement officials.   


Jezebel has formidable muscle but it is mainly local, she lacks the global muscle of a Lord Bane, a Breton Woods or even the national muscle of Matriarch 1. 

Checks & Balances

Because of her underground empire Jezebel can generate liquid capital, in any currency, faster than any other godAnd Jezebel’s revenue stream is recession proof.  Because of this it is difficult to calculate just how wealthy Jezebel really is.  In fact, some speculate that she is even wealthier than Lord Bane.  This, combined with her ability to extort favors from men in exchange for prurient interests gives her stronger and more favorable negotiating tools than the other gods, especially when sheer strength and intimidation don’t work

Legacy: As her criminal empire continues to expand and her ability to exert force increases globally, Jessica Belle wants to be known as the Madame who wrested away the sexual exploitation of women from the hands of men for the sole control and profit of women.


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