Thomaston Strait

Name: Thomaston Strait
Class: God
Height: 5’8
Weight: 140 lbs.
Group Affiliation: The 8 Great Gods of New Frontier
Ethnicity: African-American
Sex: Male
Age: 57

Occupation: Chairman of the Lawyer’s Guild.  President and CEO of Meridian-Strait, the largest and most powerful law firm in the United States with corporate braches all over the world.

Personal Army: The Punishers; 250 fully armed Heavyweight Warriors

Number in personal counsel: 12 


Thomaston Strait is a lawmaker.  He is the most influential domestic and global lobbyist and policymaker in the cabal of the gods.  Through shrewd politics and manipulation Thomaston Strait created The Lawyer’s Guild; a national network of attorneys and law firms that have united to streamline the process of corporate lobbying.  The Lawyer’s Guild is also secretly a cartel, one that encourages its members to increase litigation throughout the country and therefore their profit margins.  Whether they represent the plaintiff or defendant in a court of law, members of the Lawyer’s Guild are encouraged to drag cases out as long as possible to achieve greater and greater profit. 


Thomas Sadist-Strait has the greatest legal mind of the 8 gods.  He can devise strategies to navigate around any law barring his empire from furthering his agenda.  His savvy legal mind makes him invaluable to the other gods as they rely on him strategically to help promote their agendas by discovering how they run parallel or counter to existing laws, and when in conflict to those laws, the loopholes or lobbyist they can utilize to get around them.   


As a god his personal army lacks the sheer physical muscle of the gods above him and even a few below him.  But his power lies in his ability to build and destroy corporate entities, tax shelters, networks and institutions with the stroke of a pen.   

Checks and Balances

He knows how the corporations and churches of each god comply with the law, and how they break the law.  He can easily wreak legal havoc on any of the gods because of this knowledge by turning state’s evidence, or filing class action lawsuits and colluding with other law firms and federal judges that can tie the other gods up in court and hamper their ability to legally conduct business for years. 

Legacy: Thomaston Strait wants his Lawyer’s Guild to have large and measurable influence on U.S. domestic and foreign policy as well as congressional legislation.


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