Name: Robinson Lancelot
Class: God
Height: 6’0
Weight: 175 lbs.
Group Affiliation: The 8 Great Gods of New Frontier
Ethnicity: African-American
Sex: Male
Age: 57

Occupation: President and CEO of Lancelot Worldwide Realty; Chairman of the United Corporate Estates of America.

Personal Army: The Lone Wolves; 1000 fully armed snipers and gunslingers who constantly shadow him closely and from afar.

Number in personal counsel: 7

Robinson Lancelot is a self-made billionaire who aggressively acquired so much land and commercial property domestically and abroad his real estate empire is a household name in every industrialized nation on the planet.  Lancelot joined the Eight Great Gods of New Frontier because he was asked to by Lord Bane.  Lancelot initially balked at the idea but realized Lord Bane made a much better friend than enemy.

Lancelot understands the gods thirst for global power and influence, and he has little objection to that. However, he feels their violent means of achieving their objectives morally crosses many lines. Lancelot straddles the fence on showing allegiance to the gods while secretly and desperately searching for a way out of the cabal. He realizes his release may only come through his death, but he keenly listens and watches the actions of the other gods in hopes of finding an ally to aid him in his departure.


His life is an open book as well as his business practices.  He is the only god who has yet to break or violate any laws in building his empire which makes him one of the most respected members of the G8 to the public at large.  Lancelot also has a keen ability to predict the rise and fall of the real estate and housing bubbles.

His empire has the weakest of all personal armies in the G8.  This makes Lancelot’s empire more vulnerable to takeover by one of the other gods.  Lancelot is considered a slumlord in some inner city communities where he is purposely allowing select residential buildings he owns to become dilapidated and crime-ridden to force the city council’s hand in condemning them and evicting the residents.  Lancelot then plans to come in and renovate for the purposes of gentrification which will increase property value.  This is a risk that could stain his public image.  With that gone he’d have little else of intangible value that’d prevent another god from strong-arming his empire.

Checks & Balances
Lancelot has willed most of his land to charity, educational institutions, the Federal Government and his heirs.  This would make it extremely difficult for the other gods to steal away his land and assets by merely eliminating him.  For now, he is much more valuable to them alive.

Legacy: Robinson Lancelot wants to realize the promise of the Civil War Major General William Sherman’s Special Field Orders, No. 15, 40 Acres and A Mule policy which bequeathed arable land to former slaves in the American south. This is why he has willed away 90% of the land he owns to African-American institutions and charitable organizations and Black farming communities at his death. The remaining, possibly richest 10% of his land will go to family members and to pay the U.S. Federal Government to pay the “death tax” on his estate.


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