Maximillian King

Name: Maximillian King
Title: His Holy Eminence
Class: God
Height: 6’3
Weight: 280 lbs.
Group Affiliation: The 8 Great Gods of New Frontier
Ethnicity: African-American
Sex: Male
Age: 45

Occupation: Chamber, Procter and Head of the Church of the Southern Cross.

Personal Army: 10,000 warriors who make up The Holy Order of Black Knights a.k.a. Knights of the Southern Cross.

Number in personal counsel: 20 


Maximilian King’s family financed the world’s first church in 6000 B.C.  It was a polytheistic order that crowned several pharaohs in ancient Ethiopia and Egypt.  Due to infighting and new spiritual ideas a portion of this church broke off to form a separate monotheistic religious movement, one that sparked the birth of Judaism and Christianity.  And the King family was there to support and finance that as well. 

Their surnames were given to them in its original form and loosely translated in ancient text to mean, King Makers.  Since the beginning of human history the Kings were always content with being the power behind the throne.   And the King family has always had their hand in several religious denominations, even those that were contradictory.  Religion is a spiritual discipline to some, but to the Kings it is a business.  Maximilian King is different.   

He takes religion as both business and spiritual discipline.  To that end he wrested control of the Church of the Southern Cross away from his family and has attracted a devoted personal army of Christian warriors called The Black Knights of the Southern Cross (sometimes called The Dark Knights) to defend him and maintain his control.   

Maximilian King believes in Dominionism.  He believes that Christians should wrest dominion over the earth to usher in The Rapture.  To this end he has encouraged and financed many of his parishioners to run for political office, boards of every corporation throughout the nation and he has the most aggressive political lobbyists of all the other gods, working for his church. 

Maximilian King also believes that his newborn son is the second coming and has hidden him away for protection.  He fears interlopers and enemies would try to do his son harm if they ever knew his true destiny.  Actually, his child’s destiny is a fabrication in Maximilian King’s own mind.  He secretly knows his son is not the Second Coming of Christ but he plans to make him so.  To that end the Black Knights, under his directive, are at the ready to wipe out all naysayers against this claim.  In the meantime the speculation that the biblical Mary of Magdalene may have given birth to a child troubles him deeply.  He has done the research and has concluded that if this happened at all, her modern day heir is located somewhere in the mega-metropolis of New Frontier and he is hell bent on finding her.  He believes it’s a 17 year-old deep cover working girl (another name for an assassin) named Magdalene.  And because she is a deep cover assassin she is very difficult to locate.  In the meantime Maximilian King continues to increase the Church of the Southern Cross’s powerbase and wealth.  The more avid parishioners he can win over the more followers his son will have when he becomes of age and ushers in the rapture. 


No god has a better public image than Maximilian King.  A charismatic speaker and influential spiritual leader with 3 million parishioners, he finds easy favor among the political and law enforcement communities.  The tithing of his church members and the Christian-based consumer market he has built keep him an extremely wealthy man.  He has the strongest, most respected and loved public presence of all the gods and is able to use that to his advantage as many of the gods have to come to him for favors.  Whenever negative public opinion and shaky consumer confidence eat away at their corporate profit a well written sermon addressing and alleviating his congregation’s fears almost always seeps out into the public at large and reverses negative trends.  His greatest assets are the 10,000 Black Knights willing to die for him in the blink of an eye.  They are great warriors and are his protectors and garner more community respect than the local police department. 


Despite the fierce loyalty of his Black Knights, they still lack the sheer might and technological weaponry of Lord Bane’s, Silencers, and are outnumbered by The Silencers 3 to 1. 

His strength is further stymied by the Orthodoxy.  The Orthodoxy is the largest Christian church and institution in the world and Maximilian King’s Church of the Southern Cross became a subordinate to the Orthodoxy.  His church needs the Orthodoxy’s backing to help him shore up his strength against the still hostile attempts to retake his church from existing King family members.   

Because of this, King’s personal strength and status as a god remains largely local and at best regional.  To extend his influence beyond the mega-metropolis of New Frontier he would have to seek the assistance of Lord Bane or one of the other gods whose reach stretches internationally. 

Checks & Balances

If Maximilian King decided to exercise the full weight of his charisma and influence he could easily turn public opinion against any of his fellow gods by labeling them Anti-Christian, Anti-Semitic  or Anti-Family Values to name a few.  This in turn would cause a PR nightmare for the intended god and would weaken their influence in the political sector thereby making them more vulnerable to be knocked out by hungry, up and coming gods.

Legacy: Maximilian King wants his Church of the Southern Cross to become a power player on the world stage. To this end he is preparing to one day pull off the illusion that his only son is the Second Coming of Christ.


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