Name: Classified
Class: God
Height: 5’6
Weight: 130 lbs.
Group Affiliation: W.I.D.O.W. – Women In Defiance of Oppression thru War.
Disposition: Sworn enemy to the other 7 gods.
Ethnicity: African-American
Sex: Female
Age: 170+

Occupation: Spiritual Leader and Queen Mother and Commander of W.I.D.O.W.

Personal Army: 10,000 women warriors known as, The Iron Maidens

Number in personal counsel: 1

Born into slavery in 1830, the queen Mother, Matriarch 1 is the oldest living person on the planet earth.  Her identity, presence and age are held in the utmost secret and she is the spiritual leader and commander of one of the largest and most sophisticated secret societies in the world.  She began WIDOW when a failed insurrection staged by all the men and boys on the Atlanta, GA slave plantation where she lived in slavery, ended in their deaths.  This included her husband and three brothers; even her 1 month old son wasn’t spared.

In mourning, and distraught with grief, Matriarch 1 was still able to organize the women and girls who remained.  With all the men gone, plantation security relaxed. Matriarch 1 and a small band of women went into town, robbed the armory and armed every woman and girl remaining on the plantation.

Two days later they staged a successful insurrection and disappeared into the network of houses, caves and secret transports that made up the Underground Railroad.

The core group of women remained together and formed a militaristic band of women who were determined to never be slaves again.  They named themselves Widows in memory of the husbands and men who were killed attempting to set them free.  And what began as a collection of 50 women has grown into a secret society of 100,000 strong.  Matriarch 1 soon began studying mysticism and discovered a benevolent form of magic that has prolonged her life for well over a century.

Matriarch 1 is a god because she possesses all the elements that make one a god.  She was asked to formally join the Eight Great Gods of New Frontier and did so briefly.  But she found the majority of them to be megalomaniacs and discovered their aims were centered towards limiting the freedom of the masses rather than expanding freedom for the masses.  Matriarch 1 disavowed her membership in the 8 Gods and has sworn to take them down by any means necessary if they carry out their agenda.

Has built a fluid, fully functional, secret society so sophisticated and complex it has its own language, customs and has remained largely invisible for almost 100 years.  Its members have infiltrated every existing American institution and many now sit in positions of power and decision making.  WIDOW is completely self-sufficient, financially independent and solvent and has built many support institutions that bankroll it financially in the outside world.

Matriarch 1 must spend large amounts of energy and resources keeping WIDOW hidden and secret from the rest of society.  As a result she is unable to utilize the full strength of her militaristic sect or Iron Maidens because it may attract too much attention to WIDOW’s existence.  If the workings and internal structure of her secret society was ever discovered, the other gods would be able to dismantle and eliminate WIDOW brick by brick and hunt each member down woman by woman.


Checks & Balances
Her mastery of the mystical arts gives her access to energy, foresight and clarity the other gods desire but lack access to.  It also gives her a spiritual third eye.  Because of this the gods hesitate to move against her because it may reveal a tactical weakness in them she can exploit.

Legacy: Matriarch 1 wants to destroy the global organized crime network of human trafficking and sex-slavery.  She has been building and patiently strengthening WIDOW to annihilate Jezebel Queen of Whores and her entire underground criminal empire.


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