Lord Augustus Bane

Name: Lord Augustus Bane
Class: God / Warrior
Caste: Lord
Height: 6’5
Weight: 380 lbs.
Group Affiliation: The 8 Great Gods of New Frontier
Ethnicity: African-American
Sex: Male
Age: 50
Occupation: CEO and Chairman of the Board of The Bane Multinational Corporation; Cabinet Secretary of the US Department of Wealth and Financial Services.
Personal Army: The Silencers; a battalion of hi-tech warriors, gunslingers, spies and alpha-fighters that number 30,000 strong, strategically positioned throughout the world to impose the will of Lord Bane.
Number in personal counsel: 24

Portfolio: Bane Multinational is the earth’s largest, most profitable and most multi-faceted corporation.  Lord Bane is a multi-billionaire, and the richest man of color in the world.  He owns half of New Frontier in the legal world and the underworld.  He also owns two professional sports teams, the MLB team, the New Frontier Blackbirds, and the NBA team, the New Frontier Psychos (who play in Psycho-ward Arena).  He is also the CEO of Bane Multinational and owns most of the major media outlets in New Frontier, most notably the New Front Daily Herald. His extensive mineral land holdings on the African continent is what catapults his wealth well above the other gods. 

Lord Bane is the most powerful, wealthiest and ruthless of the 8 Great Gods.  He is a corporate leader, war profiteer, and a master regulator of the largest organized crime network in the mega-metropolis of New Frontier. 

Lord Bane built is multi-national corporation from the ground up largely through his genius level intellect and business mind as well as through strong arming, intimidation and elimination of his opposition.  Lord Bane is a decisive man who never shies away from making tough decisions.  And he is quite violent when it comes to doling out punishment to his enemies or those who fail him.  Lord Bane has a corporation or corporate interests in every country on the planet.  He has a personal army named, The Silencers.  The Silencers are so loyal to him that they carry out his directives without question and without hesitation.  His Silencers are not only militaristic but act as spies as well.  They have infiltrated governments and rival corporations all over the planet giving Lord Bane unparalleled access to information and global decision makers who act as pawns. 

Lord Bane is also a charitable man.  He invests millions of dollars annually to fund anti-poverty initiatives, the arts, clean water campaigns and third-world debt relief.  Pessimists speculate that Lord Bane wants to create a better world to create a better slave, one healthy enough to carry out his agendas.  Optimists consider him a titan of industry, a great philanthropist and a well-respected man.

Unbeknownst to many, Lord Bane’s ultimate goal is the political unification of the 54 countries on the African continent under one continental banner and military. He has already succeeded in the initial stages of his plan by being instrumental in the formation of the African Union. He plans to use the AU as a tool for unification of One Africa; one people, one culture, one currency, one language and one military.

Lord Bane believes Africa can only be strong if it is unified. He also realizes that unification of an entire continent will be long-term, political, expensive and most importantly, bloody. He is willing to wage war across the entire continent to make unification a reality. With a strong, prominent, unified Africa, Bane believes, only then will peoples of Black African descent be respected globally and lessen the impact of global, institutionalized racism.
Lord Bane has the uncanny ability to bend people’s wills to his desire.  His primary business focus is in land acquisition and construction; he also enjoys the global takeover of other corporations and businesses, and the development of new businesses and business systems. 

His ability to do this is twofold: he has a brilliant business mind and when he can’t outthink or outspend an adversary he takes what he wants by force.  He has a global network of 30,000 mercenaries, soldiers and spies who do his bidding.  Each group is a segment of his personal army, the Silencers.  Lord Bane also has control of New Frontier organized crime which acts as a microcosm to how he runs his business globally.  In the New Frontier organized crime community only Jezebel Queen of Whores, operates independently of his jurisdiction.  This is due in large part to the fact that she pays him a freedom fee as well as percentage of her operation to launder money through his global network of corporations. 

Lourde Bane is so powerful that he no longer recognizes his weaknesses and potential vulnerabilities.  None of the other gods can outspend him or outmuscle him for position in the cabal of the gods; they can however slowly whittle away at him and unite as one against him if he does indeed forget to do an internal audit of the strengths and weaknesses of his corporate empire.

Checks & Balances
Lourde Bane can stage a hostile takeover of almost any corporation in the world.  And he has the muscle to eliminate any god he chooses to with little or no recourse or sanction imposed against him.  He is feared more than he is respected and his word is generally obeyed with little objection.

Legacy: Lord Bane wants to leave behind a unified and strong African continent.


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