Christopher Roman

Name: Christopher Roman
Class: God
Height: 5’11
Weight: 200 lbs.
Group Affiliation: The 8 Great Gods of New Frontier
Ethnicity: Diasporic
Sex: Male
Age: 41

  1. Occupation: CEO and Chairman of The Roman Oil Corporation. OPEC Minister.
  2. Personal Army: The Dragonslayers
  3. Number in personal counsel: 15

Christopher Roman is one of 12 siblings who run The Roman Oil Corporation.  He was born in the Sudan, raised in Cairo and went to university at Oxford.  The wisest and most intelligent of all the Roman children he was the likely choice to secede his father as head of the company after health issues caused him to retire early.  Because of his status, wealth and importance in the global economy, Roman was given dual citizenship in the U.S. and Egypt.

Owns the largest oil corporation in the world and is an OPEC Minister.  He profits from the one resource the world economy needs most, oil.

  2. Weakness
  3. The Roman Oil Company has never diversified.  Oil is his only base of power, and will be increasingly in short supply as the decades progress.  The global move toward renewable and alternative forms may eat away at his influence and power.  Christopher Roman is also not a violent man and only has a personal army to protect him from the other gods if one or all choose to move against him. Furthermore, because there is more than one OPEC Minister and other siblings who are vying for power in the family oil business, Christopher Roman may prove to be dispensable.
  5. Checks & Balances
  6. He is the one god, other than Breton Woods who can control the ebb and flow of the global economy by raising or lowering oil prices or production.

Legacy: Christopher Roman wants to transition his family business into a renewable energy company as the worldwide supply of oil continues to decline. He uses his influence on the OPEC board to this end but sees resistance at every turn. Roman feels that in the long view more money can be made in making this transition early than in waiting until the energy needs of the planet contribute to chaos, more war and further bloodshed.


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