Street Tag: Holocaust
Praise Name: None
Class: Cosmic God, Immortal
Height: 7’0
Weight: 1,000 lbs.
Group Affiliation: None
Real Name: None
Ethnicity: Diaspora African
Sex: Male
Age: Ageless

Powers & Abilities: Holocaust possesses Celestial level strength, endurance, invulnerability and speed during flight.  He has the ability to project raw cosmic, spiritual and aural energy from any point on his body.  Holocaust also has complete awareness of his immediate surroundings and has the combined fighting skill of the millions of warrior souls he possesses.  Holocaust also has every skill of every soul he possesses inside him. He is also omniscient within a ten-mile radius of wherever he is physically present.

General Info: Holocaust is a sentient-ethereal being possessed by the souls of all the slaves who died in the Middle Passage – the Atlantic Oceanic route slave ships traveled between West Africa and the Americas during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.  The combined spiritual energy of some 100 million souls gives him Celestial level power and the energy quotient of 100 million auras.  This makes Holocaust one the three most powerful entities on the planet Earth.  His power can only be matched or surpassed by other Celestials, especially those from the Ethereal Plane who possess equal or greater power levels. 

However, the 100 million souls inside Holocaust vie for dominance for his consciousness making him mentally unstable at times until he regains control.  Holocaust’s aims are multiple.  When he has full consciousness over his psyche he seeks to bring inner peace to all the pained souls inside him. But when the millions of warrior souls gain temporary dominion over his psyche Holocaust seeks vengeance and has no qualms against using violence to satiate his rage.  When the millions of mothers gain dominion over his soul Holocaust goes into mourning and preoccupation that stills him for weeks on end.  When the millions of children gain dominion over his soul Holocaust goes through a myriad of emotions that range from fear, fearlessness, joy, narcissism, and a desire to pleasure his senses and be free from pain.   When the millions of clergymen, priests and tribal leaders take dominion over his consciousness Holocaust is at his most communicative. 


Like most Cosmic Gods, Holocaust is neither hero nor villain, his aims and his goals are his own.


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