Korby Marks

The Writer-Creator

Contribution: Created the entire Stormbringer Universe.

Summary: My mother is a librarian. And every week my father would take my brother and me to her library where we’d check out several books at a time to read and let our minds run free across the fields of whatever we imagined. 

I read everything from juvenile fiction to juvenile non-fiction and as I got older teen and adult fiction and non-fiction with a smattering of comic books in-between.  But it was the visual nature of comic books that fascinated me most…and I began to imagine my own comic book stories and heroes and villains starring people of color.

I began writing and creating the Stormbringer Universe sometime in 8th grade.  But I largely put it aside in high school because grades and high school girls seemed more important than writing and daydreaming at the time. 

Years later as a junior in college writing and daydreaming were my major. I received a degree in Mass Media Arts -w- a concentration in Film. And I started thinking about Stormbringers again and wrote the first full length comic book script on it. 

I continued to develop Stormbringers over the years and hired a series of freelance artists who assisted me in bringing the images inside my head to life and ultimately to comic book stores and conventions across the country.



Adrien Pertilla

Writer. Artist. Story Developer. Character Designer.

Contribution: Penciled the first rough sketches of the Stormbringers team.

Summary: A lifelong friend and classmate of mine in college, Adrien sketched the very first images of the Stormbringers characters from the initial draft of my comic book script. It was amazing seeing my characters brought to life for the very first time, even in rough sketch form, and it fueled my addiction to creating art and stories starring people of color. These days, I bounce most of my concepts and story ideas off Adrien. He asks a lot of tough questions which helps me to flesh them out more.



Jake Hamilton

Screenwriter. Novelist.

Contribution: Co-writer of the Glorious screenplay and Glorious Issue #0.

Summary: I’d just finished my initial draft of the Glorious issue #1 and wanted to transition it into TV and Film.  Jake had just completed writing a screenplay he was submitting into competition. 

Since I was completely immersed in writing a 100+ page Glorious show bible which detailed how it will look for TV, I asked Jake to adapt my Glorious comic book script into a 45-minute pilot episode screenplay. Several drafts later, as the screenplay went back and forth between Jake and me, I put together a table read for it.  Since the table read, Glorious has grown into a full feature-length screenplay that I still continue to tinker with.




John Stinsman

Character Designer. Penciler. Inker. Colorist. Layout Artist.

Contribution: Designed the initial look for each Stormbringer character. Penciled and inked Stormbringers: the mini-series, issues 1-4.

Summary: Where would any of this be without the work of John Stinsman? John is a seasoned comic book artist who’d published many books in the industry prior to our meeting; Avengelyn, Lady Pendragon and Scarlet Crush to name a few. 

I met John when he responded to an ad I placed looking for a comic book artist on craigslist. And for the next four years we created, toiled and fought, sometimes together…sometimes with each other, to bring the first published images of the Stormbringer Universe to life. 

Being a previously published artist, John brought instant credibility to Stormbringers when it entered the marketplace back in 2005.

Currently, John works as a storyboard artist in the TV industry.



Adrian Nicita

Contribution:  Created and developed the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and now 4th generation Stormbringer websites.

Summary: I met Adrian in cyberspace. I saw a very early comic book website he built several years ago and sent him an e-mail asking if he’d take some of my newly drawn images and build one for me.  Adrian quickly agreed and I hired him.  At the time Adrian was just starting out in the web designing business. And because he was building his portfolio, he built an awesome first website for me in only a couple of weeks.

Since then, we’ve grown together over the years in our respective industries, and I’ve watched him expand his business, become more talented and skilled and more in demand.  Adrian is in the big leagues now and develops websites for everyone from Top Cow to Marc Silvestri.

There is a months-long waiting list for his web-design services these days but whenever I need him he always manages to work me into his crazy hectic schedule and revamp this site as the Stormbringer Universe continues to grow.

More Info: www.nicitadesigns.com



Stanley Weaver, Jr

Penciler. Inker. Colorist. Character Designer.

Contribution: Penciler of Stormbringers issue #0.  Penciler and inker of Glorious issue #0. Redesigned the current look of each Stormbringer character.

Summary: Stanley Weaver, Jr. draws some of the most expressive and dynamic characters I’ve ever seen. After John’s run on the Stormbringer mini-series I wanted to see a different interpretation of the Stormbringer characters and Stanley redesigned them into the look they have today. 

Stanley is one of the fastest pencilers I’ve ever worked with.  He can turn out up to six fully illustrated pages a week and is always available to chat by phone to make last minute script adjustments or design changes.



Cardin Collins

Penciler. Inker. Colorist. Digital Artist.

Contribution: Penciled, inked, colored and designed most of the characters of the Glorious universe; redesigned the character of Glorious into her current look.

Summary: Cardin is that artist who makes your characters look even better than the images you have in your head. He is a master digital artist and can draw directly onto a computer screen via a WACOM tablet. This allows him to have fast turn-a-round times. I brought the early images and character bio of Glorious to him after having her initially designed wearing a cape and costume.

I was thinking of a high school super hero who went to school by day and flew through the sky fighting crime by night. But Cardin asked if he could design Glory sans costume; because, as he wrote to me via e-mail, high school is traumatic enough without the cape.

That comment turned my initial concept of Glorious on its head.  As I continued to write, Glorious morphed from merely a teenager with supernatural abilities to a high school freshman whose supernatural abilities only worked when she felt good about herself; a superb social commentary on the high school experience.  Sometimes, when you give an artist room to breathe, their interpretation of a character is powerful enough to change the direction of your story.

More Info: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9NCg4ANYTI



Megan Spence


Contribution: Colored Stormbringers: the mini-series, issue 1 and 2.

Summary: Initially I’d planned for John Stinsman to pencil, ink and color the entire Stormbringers mini-series.  But we were running out of time and I needed to get issue 1 into stores ASAP. So John and I searched and searched for a colorist to match his drawing style. We finally found her in Megan Spence. She was a pleasure to work with, completely professional and put our minds at ease that we’d be able to bring issue 1 to marketplace in time.



Shawna Mills

Penciler. Inker. Colorist. Digital Artist.

Contribution: Penciled, inked and colored the very first designs of Glorious.

Summary: A life-long friend of mine lives in New York and he saw the then, 17 year-old Shawna Mills, drawing in her sketch book as they rode the metro bus. He got her contact info and told me I had to get in touch with her.  I am very glad I did. Shawna is her own mini-studio and can do it all. She illustrated the first character designs of the character Glorious and had some wonderful re-interpretations of the Stormbringer characters.

More Info: http://lazymills.com/



Jaymes Reed

Letterer.  Page Layout Artist.

Contribution: Jaymes Reed has lettered and laid-out every single issue of Stormbringers and Glorious. 

Summary: I don’t even remember how Jaymes and I met. I just remember that my original letterer was completely unreliable and Jaymes swooped in and took over the job. Lettering is an art form and Jaymes does it with a style and professionalism that keeps me coming back to him issue after issue and project after project.  I appreciate his work so much that whenever I have page space Jaymes gets name-billing on the cover along with every other contributing artist.

More info: http://www.digital-caps.com/



Nick Nix


Contribution: Inked the Big Shirley profile art and the Stanley Weaver, Jr. drawn
Stormbringer team posters.

Summary: Hands down, Nick Nix is the best inker in the business.  When a penciler doesn’t have the time or ability to do his own inks, Nick is the only inker I go to.  I cannot tell you in words how good an inker this man is. But trust me, if you need an inker he is the man to use!  He also has a process he can use called faux originals…this where he makes blue line copies of original pencils and inks the blue lines. This gives you an inked replica of the original pencils. That way the copyright owner can keep the actual inked art and return the original pencils to his artist. Nick is amazing!

More info: http://www.nick-nix.blogspot.com/



Mshindo Kuumba

Mshindo Kuumba
Penciler. Inker. Colorist. Painter. Digital Artist.

Contribution: Colored most of the Big Shirley portraits.

Summary: Mshindo Kuumba is a multi-disciplinary artist. Just one visit to his website and that will be evident.  He designs and illustrates book covers, does animation and full scale paintings.

More info: http://mshindoiart.com/



Agnes Garbowska

Penciler. Inker. Colorist. Character Designer.

Contribution: Illustrated the Lady Stormbringers poster.

Summary: Agnes walked up to the Stormbringers both at the Los Angeles Wizard Convention a few years ago. She was fresh out of school and looking for freelance work as an illustrator.  I looked at her portfolio and really liked her unique and fanciful drawing style, so I hired her to do a poster for me of the Lady Stormbringers.  To date, it is my bestselling poster.

More Info: http://mymisiu.com/



Adam Wither & Comfort Love

Contribution: Pencilers, Inkers and Colorists of the Stormbringer Reference Guide.

Summary: I met Adam and Comfort when I began my project to illustrate every single hero, villain, god and supporting character in the Stormbringer Universe.  Adam and Comfort are the creative team responsible for illustrating a large portion of this supporting cast.  They are a full service studio and even produce their own monthly web comic.

More Info: http://bagproductions.net/



Alfonso Ruiz

Penciler. Inker. Colorist.

Contribution: Penciled and inked, City of New Front issue 0.

Summary: Alfonso and I met when he walked up to the Stormbringers booth at the 2005 San Diego Comic-con to show me his portfolio. He was looking for clients to bring into Mental Soda Studios, the comic book studio he owns and operates. 

I’d written a 12-page comic book script called, City of New Frontier. New Frontier is where most of the stories in the Stormbringer Universe take place. This comic book series was to detail life inside the mega-metropolis of New Frontier that existed outside of super-hero realm…but was affected by it just the same.  So, I hired Alfonso and his studio to illustrate it.  It took them a couple of years to get it back to me…but they did a really nice job



Norman Wong

Contribution: Colored Glorious Issue # 0.

Summary: Norman sent me an e-mail one day out of the blue. He introduced himself as an amateur colorist looking for work…any kind of work to help build his portfolio as well as make a little money for his efforts.

I gave him a polite thanks but no thanks reply and shrugged him off but he was very persistent.  Norm continued to e-mail me and ask me to send him black and white images to practice coloring on.  Norm would then e-mail these images back to me fully colored.  I was impressed with his persistence, his hustle and his growing skill and talent. Norm was hungry and I recognized the same hunger to succeed in him that I have in me.

So, I needed a colorist to color Glorious issue #0.  I gave it to Norman and he did a really solid job.  He was fast, had a great attitude, strong work ethic and has an energy that is contagious. I look forward to working with Norm again and again.




Khari Evans



Contribution: Illustrated the very first images of Big Shirley and her supporting cast of D’Angeline, Snot and Fez.

Summary: I met Khari many years ago at the LA Wizard Convention. He had just left the video-game design industry I was looking for work as a penciler.  I peeped his portfolio and fell in love with his ability and drawing style.  I hired him a few months later to design the Big Shirley Universe characters.  He did an awesome job of it!  I offered him the job to draw the Big Shirley mini-series but…Marvel Comics had already hired him to pencil their new mini-series, Daughters of the Dragon. 

That told me at least, I was a strong evaluator of talent and, if I had the money, I could find high quality artists to illustrate high quality product and effectively compete in the marketplace.

Khari and I have kept in touch off and on over the years. He is in heavy demand by both Marvel and DC and doesn’t get a chance to do much independent comics work. But he and I always promise each other one day we will complete my Big Shirley project.


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