Fairo the Holy One

Fairo the Holy One is the Spiritual leader of The Acolyte Nation. He wants to spread the Acolytian doctrine of complete submission to God, through him, to the rest of New Frontier.  He begins by buying up or taking over by force several churches in New Front and converting them into Acolyte Apostle Centers. 

Fairo the Holy One believes that peace on earth is achieved through hegemony and that every man, woman and child becoming an Acolyte and accepting the Acolyte doctrine, is the only way to best achieve this. 

Secretly however, Fairo the Holy One is one of the 8 Great Gods of New Frontier and goes by the name Fairo the Hegemon. Fairo the Hegemon is a charlatan. He doesn’t believe in Acolyte Holy Scripture, he merely enjoys capitalizing off the power he holds over the tens of thousands of parishioners who serve him. 

To this end he has trained bodyguards who have devoted their lives to his protection.  He has a concubine of hundreds of women and an elite team of assassins.  His ultimate goal is to convert every church in New Frontier, and then the world, into an Acolyte Apostle Intake Center or Acolyte place of worship.


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