The Vow of Detachment requires that one not attach his or herself physically or emotionally to any person, place or thing.  This vow frees a pledge to go anywhere in the world he or she is needed at a moment’s notice without being held back by less important commitments.  This Vow usually goes hand in hand with the Vow of Poverty.  Pledges who commit to this vow are almost always Warriors.

Warriors train incessantly and are always prepared to step on the field of battle to fight and die for a cause they believe in. They train, usually to the exclusion of all else, and live daily with the very real possibility of being killed.

Warriors also believe that having loved ones and being in love is a mental distraction and a tactical weakness especially if a warrior’s enemy targets his or her loved ones.  Most warriors disavow attachment to all things except the health of their bodies and their chosen weapon. 

A warrior’s weapon is considered an extension of his or her will and therefore not considered a thing.  Ironically however, most warriors are attached to their pride, which is the basis for most of the street fights in the inner, under and lower cities of New Frontier.


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