House of the Black Fist

The most inclusive of the 5 Fighting Academies, The House of the Black Fist admits any boy who wants to learn. 

Its main emphasis is on teaching martial arts as self-discipline.  Classroom study, citizenship, yoga, meditation and physical conditioning are emphasized in tandem with hand-to-hand combat. 

Out of all the fighting schools, its graduates are the most successful in mainstream society because initiates leave this House with such personal discipline they usually go off to college or business school, become entrepreneurs, teachers and generally productive members of the community. 

Graduates from the House of the Black Fist possess an advance level of fighting skill but are not as skilled as graduates from the most of the other Houses because these students are not being prepared for war, but discipline. This makes them more balanced and successful in the long run. 

This enables also The House of the Black Fist to keep its doors open because its’ successful alumni contribute far more money to it than graduates from the Houses donate to their alma maters.  This House of the Black Fists endowment is well over ten million dollars a year and increases annually.


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