House Of Rage

This is the most feared House in all of New Frontier.  It doesn’t admit Yearlings or Students, only seasoned warriors, Fighters and above – mainly graduates from other dojos. 

The House of Rage teaches its initiates how to find and summon their inner rage and use it to increase their physical strength, skill and resistance to pain.  Initiates of the House of Rage graduate as Berserkers.  And Berserkers are the most feared warriors in the warrior caste because they are so out of control. 

Once a Berserker summons his rage he temporarily loses contact with his mind and feelings.  When this happens the Berserker only wants to butcher and kill.  When a Berserker summons his rage the question becomes not, when will he begin to kill, but when will he stop?  Warriors who become Berserkers can do so at any skill level starting at Fighter.  And once at the height of his rage a Berserker can slay opponents several warrior classes higher than his own. 

Berserkers near the top of the warrior caste are almost unstoppable.  And Berserkers can only be stopped by being killed.  Usually, only Destroyers, Butchers and some Heavyweights have been known to stop high-level Berserkers.  But many a warrior has been killed in a Berserker confrontation.  Destroyers and Butchers on the other hand can match a Berserkers strength, intensity and resistance to pain and garner the advantage by being able to keep their sharpness of mind.  This usually enables them to outthink Berserkers.  However, there are only 2 to 3 Butchers and Destroyers left in the world.  Some believe it’s because most Butchers and Destroyers met their deaths at the hands of Berserkers.  And some in the warrior community wonder if Berserkers shouldn’t rank higher than Destroyers and Butchers, discounting the level of difficulty it takes for a Destroyer or Butcher to maintain his mental control while still being able to summon and utilize rage with the same intensity as one who completely loses his mind. 

The House of Rage is hated by the other 4 Houses because it makes its initiates denounce their allegiance to their former Houses and swear a new allegiance to the House of Rage.  There is little the other 4 Houses can do to hold their former graduates to their previous blood oaths once they become Berserkers.  And because The House of Rage is so feared by them, the other fighting houses turn a blind eye to their grievances with it and leave it to operate in peace.


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