Black Cats

The Black Cats are a street gang who run the illegal drugs trade in Federal Public Housing District 1. The Black Cats are the largest gang in New Frontier, nearly double the size of the others. 

Outside of illegal drugs, the Black Cats have developed a crude but effective extortion racket. Many small businesses in the communities The Black Cats mark as territory pay them weekly protection fees just to leave them in peace.

The inner city area they control is so vast that they are constantly fending off encroachment by other gangs into their territory to extend their own organized crime rings.

The Black Cats intimidate with their sheer number of their members and they often roar like lions when a large group of them are coming together. They are also hyper aware that the size of their gang is their main advantage over the others and have no problem coercively recruiting boys as young as 10 years old to join when needed.

Gang size: 2,000


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