4 Horsemen

Each of the 4 gangs of New Front was individually started by one of the 4 Horsemen.  The 4 Horsemen were New Frontier’s very first gang.  The 4 Horsemen started out innocently enough as a neighborhood watch group. These four young men came together to fight off encroachment by thugs from other neighborhoods looking to come into theirs. As they became more organized they also stopped and prevented neighborhood burglaries, acted as crossing guards for nearby schools and the elderly, helped maintain civility and provided an extra measure of security and peace of mind to the residents in their community.

Unfortunately, when the CIA began targeting and flooding African-American neighborhoods with crack cocaine, in part to help finance the Contras in Nicaragua, the 4 Horsemen Neighborhood Watch Organization was overwhelmed with violence and unable to protect their community from the heavily armed and predacious drug dealers carving up the city and neighborhoods across the inner city of New Frontier.

After a contentious neighborhood watch meeting seeking the best way to address the problem, the 4 Horsemen felt that it was best to fight fire with fire and violently ran the encroaching drug dealers out of their community and took over the neighborhood drug trade, themselves.

To maintain control over their neighborhood which they now called, “territory,” they began to recruit young men, usually from single parent households to provide armed protection and hold street corners that acted as distribution sites for the sale of drugs.

Infighting and greed began to tear at their membership so the 4 Horsemen disbanded and started their own gangs in other neighborhoods across the city; each of the 4 Horsemen had grown so ruthless they were able to carve out territory in all the Federal Public Housing Projects in New Frontier. 

Decades later these gangs have metastasized and are more ruthless than the 4 Horsemen ever dreamed.  Each of the 4 Horsemen are now dead, killed by members in the very gangs they started. Rumor has it that one of the deaths was faked, but no evidence has ever been discovered to support that claim.


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